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Apple Pie Moonshine

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Here is a basic recipe for the legendary apple pie moonshine. It’s really easy to make, and you don’t even need moonshine (though you can’t really call it apple pie moonshine if you don’t use moonshine.)


1 gallon apple cider
1 gallon apple juice
3 cups white sugar
8 cinnamon sticks
1 liter bottle of 190 proof moonshine or grain alcohol


  1. In a large stock pot, combine the apple cider, apple juice, sugar, and cinnamon sticks.
  2. Bring it to a boil, then take it off the heat and allow it to cool.
  3. Add the liter of high proof liquor.
  4. Pour this into mason jars, put the lids on, and let it mellow out. You could drink it right away, but it does get better after a couple of weeks.

This recipe makes about 9 quarts of apple pie moonshine. You could easily cut this recipe in half if that is too much.

Warning! Apple pie moonshine will sneak up on you! This stuff is so smooth and tasty. Use with CAUTION!

Note On Alcohol:

To make apple pie moonshine, you can use 190 proof grain alcohol like Everclear or you can use moonshine if you can find it. Most of the moonshine that you’ll find has been cut down to about 80 proof. If that’s the case, then you’ll have to add a little more than twice as much 80 proof moonshine, about 2.5 liters, to get the same alcohol content as when you use grain alcohol. That is unless you know for a fact it is 190 proof (in which case you probably know the dude that made it.)


Everclear comes in two strengths: 190 proof and 151 proof. In some states you can only buy the 151 proof product. It is altogether illegal in a few other states. Check the list of states (from Wikipedia):

190 Proof
In the United States, it is illegal to sell the 190-proof variety in California, Florida,[3] Hawaii, Iowa,[4] Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota,[5] Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina,[6] [7] Ohio, Washington, West Virginia, and Virginia.

It is legal to sell Everclear 190 in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho,[8] Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania,[9] Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming, and in some military stores within the continental United States.

151 Proof
The 151-proof variety is legally available for sale in California, Florida, Iowa,[4] Michigan,[10] Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and some other states.

Moonshine Quick Tip:

Apple Pie MoonshineYou can get a rough idea of how strong moonshine is by checking the “bead.” Shake up a bottle of liquor and watch how fast the bubbles dissipate. This is known as checking the bead. The faster the bubbles dissipate, the higher the alcohol content.The bubbles in 190 proof liquor are large and will disappear almost instantly, while the bubbles in 80 proof liquor are smaller, foamier and will take more than a few seconds to disappear. The next time you’re in a liquor store you can check this out for yourself. Grab a bottle of high proof liquor like Everclear and shake it. Then shake up a regular bottle of 80 proof vodka and compare the bead.

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  2. I just made a batch of this stuff and it’s goooooood!

  3. My friends make this stuff all the time. I’m making some tonight. Man is it gooood!!!

  4. Thanks for the recipe. When I made it, the apple and cider mixture was cloudy from the get go. I tried filtering it through cloth a few times when bottling but it’s still cloudy a few days later.

    Any ideas on how to get that nice clear look in your photo?


  5. Is there a particular brand of juice and cider you use? Also, what about brown sugar? Would that change the color too much? Thanks for your help. Until I can make it all “home-made” I’d like to keep it close to authentic. Thanks for the help.

    • Thanks for your questions. I got this recipe from a friend in SW Virginia, but I’ve only made it a few times since this makes 9 quarts and that is quite a lot to drink even with friends. 😉 After looking at other recipes on the internet, they all seem very similar to the one my friend gave me. The one variation that I’ve seen is to incorporate brown sugar into the recipe. You could use half brown sugar and half white sugar – 1 ½ cups white, 1 ½ cups brown. The next time I make this, I’ll incorporate brown sugar into the batch.

      I’ve seen that some ciders have more particulate than others and the consistency of the cider I used for the first batch was more like apple juice than apple cider. Cider is basically unfiltered apple juice and it’s really a seasonal product. “Real” cider is going to be cloudy and the more authentic look for this recipe is going to be a little cloudy.

      • Well, MY recipe is much different than most… I use the powder SPICED Cider mix that comes in packets (easier than all the spices…more like homemade!!) like Hot cocoa does… I use 2 packets, 2-2 1/2 Quarts of Apple juice (instead of one cider and one apple juuice), 1 cup white and 1 cup of brown sugars, a bottle of Cinnamon Sticks…Boil that down, let cool and then add my Everclear…usually a fifth if not a Liter… and I strain that off with those fine metal coffee filters to get the spices filtered out and then Jar it up!! Done! And let me tell ya…. People think mine is the best around NASHVILLE!

        • Well Johnny….I live in Nashville and this kinda reminds me of a Charlie Daniels’ song ….you probably didn’t know it but I “….am a “moonshine” maker too, and if you care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you!….lol

          • I live near ol Smashville, down in the boro, and I usually just take me a few cinnamin sticks, some cut up apples, and honey and put em in some shine i get. It still has that nice kick to it tho so this recipe will be good for the ladies i know since they usually dont like the strong stuff too much.

          • I live in Dickson & I usually just drink my shine straight from a Mason jar,but what the heck it’s Christmas so I’ll give all of you guy’s a try!

          • is’nt that i’m a fiddle player too?

          • Kim, I sure would like to try your version of the noble apple drink. I dont dare anyone but I will partake of the nectars of the world. Please send to nativea57@comcast.net

          • Kim…..if you’re still interested can you send me your recipe so I can try it please? I’ve made it before and with my batches mine usually yields 12-14 liter bottles. Thanks again!!!!


        • Man Johnny my mouth is waterin!!! Ive asked this q b4 but I had a man from Tenn. bring me some apple shine that looked like water. It had a apple slice in it w/ a stick of cinnomon in a mason. It was delisious so delisious I had to much. but It looked obvbious that it was not (flavored) or that the mash was made from apples or mixed w/ sider or somethin is it posible to flavor the mash so much that the shine is still crystal clear and still taste like momas pies?

        • How much does your recipe make…all of them make so much i just want a couple quarts

        • Please email me your recipe. I would really appreciate it!! Do you add the water thats on the Spiced Cider directions?

      • i have a question i made some n lastnight i could feel the everclear today got home n tried it it didnt taste like ne alcohol was in there what temp does everclear evaporate??? i waited till the cider n juice was cool but have no cap for the huge jug i have it in do u think it evaporated

      • I have an apple pie ala mode recipe similar to this you’re talking about …making it on Friday with 190 everclear
        Cider and apple juice

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  7. […] Posted on May 29, 2011 by sethlevinson Here’s a link to the recipe for apple pie moonshine. I always thought that it this was a distilled product, but it’s actually just apple juice, […]

  8. I have been making this stuff for years, it is fantastic. I have tried a couple ways of doing it the only thing EXTRA i add is some vanilla extract 3 table spoons full to the pot and that kicks in a whole new better taste. who dont like apple pie with vanilla ice cream? well now its in a drink.

  9. Dumb question maybe, but, when you say let it age for a couple weeks, is that in the fridge, or in a dark cupboard, or in the light, or does it make a difference?

    • I don’t think it really matters. I keep it in the cupboard. There’s quite a bit of alcohol in this, so it probably doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I wouldn’t keep it in direct light though, especially sunlight, as light has a way of changing things. The idea is to let this sit for a little while to mellow it out. Time will take the harshness out of it and make it smoother (though it’s very drinkable the first day.)

    • The alcohol prevents any bacteria from growing in the apple pie. You can store it anywhere. Most prefer cool dark places like the garage etc.

  10. What will happen if I leave it the fridge for a couple of years?

    • I think you’d just be wasting time and shine. It’s not like you’re distilling anything, you’re simply mixing ingredients. After a week or two of mellowing out, nothing noticeable is gonna happen. The purpose of “Apple Pie Moonshine” is similar to regular moonshine–make and enjoy.

  11. I also have been making this for several years and have to agree that it is a supremely awesome drink and VERY popular among all of my friends (I get lynched if I don’t make/bring it). My only difference is that I boil the cider with the sugar & cinnamon, then I add the apple juice afterwards, it helps cool the mixture a little faster. Once completely cooled, I tend to pour it back into the plastic apple juice jugs and store it in the fridge. If I can manage to keep it for a few months, I will remove half of the cinn sticks since they will make it a little too “spicy” for our crowd after that long, not to mention lesser quality sticks can fall apart and leave “bits” in your drink.

    I have read through the comments and will toss in my 2 cents:
    As long as my friends dont know abut it, I try to let mine age in the refrigerator for a few months, shaking it every now & then. But honestly, who would keep it for a few years? Drink up & make more! Its an endless cycle!
    The brown vs white sugar difference is only really noticable to “true connoisseur’s”, but your average drinker can’t tell the difference.

    The kind of cider does affect the color. I prefer true organic or unprocessed apple cider with lots of cloudiness or particles, as I think just tastes tons better than clear cider or heaven forbid, dry powder apple cider mixes, (know from experience, eww!) The clearer that the cider is, well, you might as well just use twice the amount of plain old apple juice. Apple juice and apple cider are both fruit beverages made from apples, but there IS a difference between the two. Fresh cider is raw (un-pasteurized)apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process to remove coarse particles of pulp or sediment. Apple juice is juice that has been filtered to remove solids and pasteurized so that it will stay fresh longer and is generally made from concentrates. I stock up on cider since its only sold in the fall here, and freeze it. Fresh cider needs constant refrigeration because it is perishable. It will stay sweet and unfermented for up to two weeks, longer once made into Apple Pie.

    The vanilla extract is good, but vanilla rum, vodka, liquor, etc also makes a great Apple Pie a’la Mode, and a caramel vodka or liquor (as long as its not Baileys Caramel or other cream type liquor (it’s yummy but it clots and needs to be slammed quickly))! makes a yummy Caramel Apple Pie!

    • Wow! Thank you for that incredible comment!

    • Try Substituting Cider for Cider mix…all you add is hot water(But, in this case, Apple Juice ;-)… its what I use along with Apple juice, cup o sugar and cup o Brown with a jar of cinnamon sticks… filter it through metal coffee filters and jar it up! Simple, easy and everybody in a 25-30 mile radius cannot get enough and say mine is better than anyone’s they’ve tried!

    • Wow, I am so glad I have someone who agrees with me that cider is a completely differnt ball game. I live in Michigan, therefore I can only get everclear 151 here, but lucky for me I have family in Ga that I get moonshine from to give it an extra little kick. I love the idea about the vanilla voka! Genius!!Thanks for the extra tid bits!!

    • So sir after you make this batch can you possibly distill it again to keep the taste but make it stronger?

    • how much Vanilla Vodka do you use? Is it better to use Vanilla Rum instead of Vanilla Vodka?

      thank you!

    • Mey, can you email me your recipe please? linlin_scooby@yahoo.com

  12. Just made my first batch! My fiance told me about it when he tried at at a party. So we had to make some! I couldn’t wait untill it was chilled, its amazing! This will be our signature drink at out wedding in october, perfect season for it! Thank you!!!

  13. alright so i made batch yesterday i cut recipe in half because between the two us drinking it 9 quarts was a bit much lol.. plus we were just trying it out didnt wanna go all out if it turned out bad.. it tasted great but i have questions.. we sampled right after making it still a bit warm and then later a bit cooled.. should we be able to taste the alcohol right away?? or will it get stronger as it sits over time? we kept adding everclear until we could catch a hint of it then we jarred it to leave sit.. i want it to be drinkable not to strong but strong enough.. thanks

    • It won’t get stronger over time, the flavor just mellows a bit. It gets smoother. The alcohol content remains constant. You can add more alcohol if you like, but I like to keep mine at the recipe level.

      • ok, after reading all of the comments and different variations, I have to say you all have different tastes, which is good! since I live with a diabetic, I’ve tried to “modify” a tad for him, and have actually tried a few different variations with different contents. I used this recipe as a base and experimented. I have access to the 190 proof alcohol, so that isn’t an issue. however, instead of using the 50/50 cider/juice mix, we stay with just the cider, so we are just using a gallon of cider. cut the sugar to half, and we use splenda instead, same sweet taste. we increase the grain alcohol to almost 2 liters + a little something extra, (ain’t saying what 🙂 but it has a lovely little heat going down. our friends love it, can’t keep it in the house for very long. another site I’ve found is Dave’s peach pie moonshine, it is also VERY good, and is the base for a few other recipes. Thank you so much for putting this recipe up!!!

  14. True “apple pie” will sneak up on you. You won’t notice the alcohol content until you try to dodge the driveway that’s rushing at your face. 🙂

    My Son In Law “got it” when he commented about how it was sweet on the lips but put a fire in his belly.

  15. Hi,
    This looks really great, I’ve read the comments and I’m confused, Cider is just apple juice that has not been filtered ? Where I live (Belgium-Europe), Cider is fermented apple juice, it’s alcoholic (in most cases) and it sparkles…

    • In the US, we call that hard cider. It’s basically apple wine. You probably don’t want to use that. If you cook hard cider, you’ll boil all the alcohol off anyway. It may also add odd flavors. You want to use regular cider – the raw juice that comes out of the apple press. It differs from apple juice in that it’s un-filtered and un-pasteurized.

  16. Just wanted to say thanks made it in less than an hour now it’s just aging
    All looks good!

    • does this have to be refrigerated or can you leave it on the shelf to age
      thank you

      • It is best in the Cubbard, but either way is ok… I actually chill mine cause it makes it Smoother…ya might try the shelf for a couple of weeks and then fridge it for a week to drink! :^)) Hope this helps!

  17. Well looks like I messed up I put apple cider vinegar in it haha will that mess it up? Cuz it just kinda has a sweet and sour taste now kinda like a green apple

  18. had some a few years ago and it was outstanding. Were does this are? does it have to be in the Fridge or can it age at room temp. I only ask for the simple fact, my kids love apple juice. So the fridge may not be the best please, and also how long will it stay?

  19. Made a big batch,took it to the bike Rally with me it was a big hit. Second batch used 1/2 brown sugar,not much differance.Fixing to make another batch using Honey instead of sugar and twice the moonshine . Hope it turns out great .Thanks for getting me started!!!

  20. will bringing it to a soft boil cook out the alcohol content if you put the moonshine in it before it cools? i accidentally poured it in with the other ingredients while cooking it.:(

    • I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You would have to boil it for a while to cook out all the alcohol. Alcohol boils at 172 degrees, so if you put it in when the mixture is boiling or still very hot, then you will loose some alcohol, but it’s going to be a very small fraction. No big deal.

  21. can this be stored on the shelf or does it have to be kept in the fridge
    thank you

    • Shelf is fine for a few weeks…. But after a while the spices start to change the taste so I actually recommend shelving it one to three weeks and then refrigerate for drinking… its a whole lot Smoother chilled!

  22. Can this be aged in an oak barrel or will the cider turn to vinegar.

    • I recently had some of my Uncle’s barrel aged Apple Pie.

      He picked his own apples, pressed his own cider, all of it completely homemade…. In 1971.

      I was born in 1980. It was AH-MAZING!

      • Can use a quart of moonshine one quart is a liter right or should I only make about half the resepie

      • We pressed several gallons of fresh picked apples and made into shine as well with 190 Everclear. It truly is the best way to go. We filtered only once just out of the press then on to cooking part of it. We did not filter it again. There is a lot of cloudiness but we felt that’s what made the best taste. We used the same sugar as suggested in the recipe but if you use the shelf juices, I think its too sweet as they already have sugars when produced. I think the more fresh fruit and products used to make the shine the better true taste you get. We call it the Dessert Drink! Agreed it is AH-MAZING!

  23. I made some of this the other day, needless to say it did not last long. I have a question though. What is the difference between using brown sugar and white sugar? Regardless this stuff is great. And I love that I can keep it and drink it right from a mason jar, which is my glass of choice.

    • Brown sugar is just white sugar with molasses added. Completely different from Brown Cane(unrefined) sugar though.

  24. I made batch of this Sunday per the directions above. Although it taste like pie and is very smooth, it is also very sweet. I think next time I will cut the sugar in half – unless some of the sweetness diminishes w/age.


  25. We love Apple Pie Moonshine in Aliquippa PA.
    Is their a recipe for cherry apple pie?
    Thank you.

    • Cherry-Apple…. well, as I told another person, all you would actually have to do is add Cherry flavor to the already goodness of the apple pie! I would actually recommend Cherry Juice in the Frozen concentrated form, or Cherry Liquer (depending on your taste), or a Cherry Extract (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE….A little goes a long way!!)… If you make it, let me know how it turns out!! JN :^))

      • I just bought 5 gal of cherry cider. so your saying sub anything apple for cherry? Also still use Cinnamon and brown sugar

  26. With the low content of alcohol in the pie, will it freeze when stored in the deep freeze?

  27. is there a way to can this so that the lid will seal? i was thinkig of doing a large batch and putting it away for a couple months.

    • This will keep for a couple of months. In fact it will get better after a few months (if you can keep from drinking it.)

    • If you’re worried about oxidation melt paraffin wax and dip the lids (yes, while screwed onto the jar) in it; that’s what I do with my beer bottles of mead to keep them from oxidizing

  28. does it matter what kind of apple juice or apple cider you use or can u use just like juicy juice apple juice lol dumb questions i know but i wanna make the best

    • Use it if it’s 100% apple juice. Make sure you use 1 gallon of apple juice and 1 gallon of apple cider. There is a difference between apple juice and apple cider.

      • I was wanting to see if you would send me a receipe for peach apple pie using fresh peaches is that possible

  29. I just did this recipe and its weak! Used everclear, didn’t use cider,2 gal of apple juice and everything else . I’m on my fourth glass and feel nothing! What alcohol content did you have??

    • Use 2 bottles of Everclear next time.

      • So funny you say that its weak, my uncle made 6 quarts for me and warned me to take it slow, an entire qt later nothing!! I was annoyed, lol. Thanks for the suggestion for two bottels. maybe ill do a qt of moonshine with a bottle of everclear….. hmmmmm maybe some vanilla vodka too.

  30. Is aging in an oak Barrel ok for this

  31. I used two bottles and its lovvvvvvvvvvvve ley!

  32. I’ve made this exact receipie before and it’s very tasty however it’s not the “get you drunk after four swigs” applepie I’ve had. I’m considering using the same alcohol content but half gal of both the cider and juice. I understand this will be less smooth and tasty due to the higher alcohol content. I’m wondering, how could I make the proof higher without sacrificing the taste of the beverage? Possibly more sugar, brown instead of white sugar, more cinnamon? What are your opinions?

  33. Hi when you boil the apple juice and the cider and you add the cinnamon sticks do you use the same sticks in jar again or do you add a new one to each jar can you let me know thanks..

  34. I have been making it and i use 2 bottles of Everclear. Still taste great and i get to watch my friends Beg me for more. I also put 2 cinnomon sticks in the jar as it ages.

  35. Hello I have made the apple pie moonshine delicious.
    At one point I had found a recipe for peach pie moonshine it uses welch’s white peach/white grape juice; peaches, moonshine and something else.
    I can not relocate where this recipe was do you or anyone have this? thxs

  36. After you pour the moonshine into the mason jars do you have to go through the usual process of processing them in boiling water on a canner rack? Or no because it already has high alcohol content to keep?

    • Yeah, you don’t have to go through the full process of canning apple pie moonshine. That would evaporate some of the alcohol. The alcohol content is high enough to preserve it. It actually doesn’t take much alcohol to keep bacteria from growing – really only a couple of percent alcohol will preserve it. I home brew beer from time to time and I know from experience that once the yeast takes off and starts to create alcohol, it’s almost impossible for bacteria to survive. The alcohol, even 2-3%, will kill off bacteria. Now with that said, I would screw the lids on tight and keep it in a cool, dark place. I also wouldn’t keep the apple pie moonshine around for years. No sense in that, right? Drink it up!

  37. this sounds amazing. will definately be making by halloween time. since cider comes out in the fall time. does it matter what kind of cider i use for this recipe? ive seen some comments saying it cloudy’s up. or alternative can i just use apple juice instead of cider?

  38. Would one quart of moonshine be enough for this recipe?

  39. I’ve tasted the very sweet Apple Pie, & the Apple Pie that tastes alot like Apple juice….I prefer the light, sweet apple juice version, chilled.VERY NICE!!!!

  40. I made this for the first time and it taste pretty good, but I didn’t get drunk as easily as I thought. I think I might add an extra shot of everclear to each mason jar, but I hope it doesn’t make it taste worse.

  41. Great recipe !. Have had traditional “apple pie” and this is very close. Will definatly be brewing some more soon!

  42. I really like the website due to the inputs and feedback provided. I am brewing my first batch and can hardly wait to start sipping the fruits of my labor. The state liquor holds the 190 proof hostage behind the check-out counter in 200 ml containers.

  43. I am fixing to make this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I wanted to let you know that I live in Alabama and I just purchased 190 proof Everclear. So the information about it being illegal in the state of Alabama is simply not true. Just wanted to let you know so you could clear it up. Thanks so much for the recipe and I will let you know how mine turns out!

  44. This will be my first time but i have two ques for you.
    What is your take on putting in a cup or two of brown sugar and would you store it in a oak barrel if you had one for a week or two. Sry if im asking some stupid stuff

  45. I canned it while it was still a bit warm. Will that affect bacteria or the taste at all in the mason jar?

  46. It?s really a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Just made my first batch last night. can’t get Everclear here in Ohio so I used 151 Rum. waiting for it to age a few weeks before I sample. I will keep you informed . Thanks for all the info.

    • Hey Pete, no Everclear here in California either, I’ve been reading through these posts wondering about Bacardi 151 rum for an alternative. Please let me know how yours turns out!

      • @Jim, I actually found 151 proof Everclear at a local market in Central Valley of California. Just thought you’d like to know it is on the shelves some places, or you might need to ask a store manager. Good luck! 🙂

      • Jim, if you live near any of the military bases here in Cali, they do sell the 190 proof at the exchange, check with some of your military friends 🙂

    • Jim & Pete The interenet is a beautiful thing I order 190 proof everclear online so I don’t have to use the 151 I get all the punch of the everclear!

    • You can Everclear 151 in Ohio. I used 750ML of 151 Rum and 2 cups of 151 Everclear. It turned out really good.

    • I live in Ohio…FYI…You can buy Everclear in Ohio.Some Liquier stores do sell it. If you have access to any of the Military Bases,you can always get it there. I just purchased some 11/2/2013

  48. How can you make pumpkin pie moonshine i have made apple and we love it.

  49. thank you for post this…Gonna try just as soon as I can get some 190proof..Or could I double the 151 proof

  50. Sorry, but this is just a cocktail. Reall apple pie moonshine is in the range of 60-70 proof. By rough calculation you are diluting one quart of 95% alcohol by 8 parts (8 quarts of apple juice and cider). That brings the alcohol level down to the realm of wine, barelywine or a strong belgian ale. Rather than a mixed drink, you might try steeping the spices in a good neutral spirit like Tito’s triple distilled vodka and reduce a gallon of apple cider down by evaportion (not necessarily boiling) then adding it to the spirit till you get the flavor you want. Comparing this to real Apple Pie Moonshine is like calling Bud and Miller beer.

  51. Thanks for the tips but I’m going to try using yeast and let it forment for three or so weeks instead of buying the ever clear will be cheaper and about the same amount of time I’ll let you know how it comes out

    • Yeast is just going to give you a super low alcohol level, everclear or pure grain alcohol is a distilled spirit, thats what makes the alcohol, you will be sorely dissappointed if you just put yeast in it, not only will it not be alcohol, it will taste like a loaf of bread!

  52. After you boil everything and let it cool do you take the cinn. sticks out before you put it in the mason jars or discard the cinn. sticks.

  53. I friend at work makes this with 1 gallon cider, 1/2 gallon juice, 1 cup sugar, six cinnimon sticks, and 1/2 gallon moonshine. This turns out great. I recently checked A sample of the moonshine He was getting and it turned out to be 100 proof so the finished product would be 25 proof or 12.5 percent by volume.

  54. ok so ive made a few batches and they have come out great!! my question is does it go bad??? if so how long does it keep? I “jar” jelly all the time and i know in order to seal the glass jars you must boil them, im wondering if this will screw up moonshine?? I know u cant boil alcohol because it burns off the boose,,would boiling the jar/sealing/perserving it also ruin it???

  55. I use
    2 gallon apple cider
    3 1/2 cups sugar
    20 medium cinnamon sticks
    1.75 liter of Spirytus 192 proof

    Comes out great =)

  56. Been making this evey year, I wind up making about 12 gallons of it for friends and family its so good.. Stick to the original recipe as above, I add about 12 whole cloves to the pot as it cooks on the stove with the cinnamon sticks. Add the everclear after it cools down, I pour it right back into the used apple cider jugs, with a cinnamon stick in the jug then hand it out to the neighbors. Most like it served cold, me I enjoy it as a hot drink by the outdoor fire pit on a cold October night, just amazing..

  57. I have made two batches of this stuff and I can’t keep it around, all my friends and family love it. Just finished making a batch and decided to experiment with this one. I used 2 cans apple pie filling, liquified them in the blender, then added 1 gal cider, 1/2 gal apple juice, 1 1/2 cup white sugar, 2 cups brown sugar, 3 packets apple cider mix, and 8 cinnamon sticks. Haven’t added my Everclear, but I have two 750 ml bottles, I’m thinking 1 bottle for sure and possibly 1/2 of the other.

  58. I cut out the sugar completely its much better. Everybody likes it.Also no sugar added apple juice and a liter and a 1/4 AWSOME!!!!!

  59. Thanks for providing this information. I made a batch and served it at our Wedding Reception Oct 22. We used it for our toast instead of champagne! There was not a drop left and all our friends have asked for the “secret” recipe.

  60. Just wondering if it it’s alright to reheat? Or will it lose any quality???



  62. Wow I’m so excited to make a batch! I’ve been wanting to since I first tried it 2yrs ago when someone brought some Christmas Eve his recipe was differant and I loved it but I think I’ll try the recipe you have shared. I think it will make great gifts for Christmas this year! Love all the comments and ideas! A friend of a friend sent me the link to this site Thanks Mike!

  63. My father has an old 30 gallon copper moonshine still for sale. If anyone is interested please contact me at info@acerug.com or if you have some suggestions on where we might be able to sell it. Thanks

  64. My friends and I are planning on making this this weekend…and I have a handle of 190 proof everclear. Will it make a huge difference if I just use the whole thing. Also we don’t have any mason jars cuz its not something college kids just keep around. Anything else we can use to store it in? Thanks! Can’t wait to try this!

  65. i’m looking for peach everclear recipe

    • Peach Pie – made with 1/2 Gal Peach Cider, 1/2 gal Welches White Grape Peach juice, 3 cinnamon sticks, 4 cloves, 2 cups of sugar, 20 oz Golden Grain and 1 cup Peach Schnapps.

      • Clay, I love peaches so I am looking forward to making this. I put up a dozen jars of Apple Pie yesterday, so this should be interesting. Thank you so much for posting.

  66. Excellent web site. A lot of helpful information here. I am sending it to several buddies ans additionally sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks to your sweat!

  67. Howdy all. Been making this stuff for years.

    Just started a new batch right now, and boy did I screw up. I was putting the stuff in the pot, and before I even realized what I was doing, I threw the alcohol in there too. Idiot. So what do y’all think? Am I gonna boil all the good stuff off? Will it be drinkable.

  68. Applecider last for 3 months apple juice for 1 year.There isn’t enough alc in it to preserve it any longer.In Gatlinburg TN they sell Moonshine legally.There Applepie Moonshine is made with apple juice it has a 1 year shelf life.The web site is olesmokymoonshine.com/visit/.This is the real deal.

  69. Hello folk, how yall doing? I have just made my first applepie moonshine, using this recipe, but I did alter it with 750ml of 100 proof moonshine, (this way I can call it moonshine) I also used a Liter of 190 proof Everclear. You can’t taste any alchohol, but it tastes soooo good, and you will get a buzz off just a little because of the alchohol content…. My friends and family love it…

  70. I have had this at a friends house in Knoxville. It did sneak up on us. Brought some to Ohio with a jar of white shine. The amber went fast. Have drank some of the shine and only have maybe 3/4 of a jar left. Can you split the recipe in half? Will it taste the same if I only add ~ 500 ml and not a liter of shine to the recipe? I would like to make some amber for xmas.

    Thanks for any reply!

  71. Hey everybody, loved the apple pie recipe.. have made peach and cherry as well and those were great too. Was looking for a Pumpkin Pie recipe in the spirit of Thanksgiving, anybody have one? -Thanks, Alex

    • I would love your recipe for the cherry pie and peach pie. I have made the apple pie for years now. I want to try these. Here in Wisconsin, we need a new recipe often!!! Thanks!!

    • Alex I’d love to get your recipe for peach pie as well, I posted my apple pie recipe here as well if you’d like to compare it to yours.

  72. Pumpkin pie moonshine.
    1 very large pumpkin
    1 bottle 190 proof grain alcohol
    1 dozen cinnamon sticks
    A few whole cloves

    Cut the top off the pumpkin and scrape the inside of all slime and seeds. Wash thoroughly.

    Pour alcohol in pumpkin with cinnamon and cloves. Stir well and enjoy!

  73. What is the ABV of apple pie moonshine when made with 190 proof Everclear?

  74. I was thinking about putting apple slices in the jar and maybe leaving g the cinnamon stick in. Has anyone tried this before? I don’t want the apples to go bad and I don’t want the sticks to make it too cinnamon-ny…..any ideas? Suggestions? Anyone try it before?

    • I have left the cinnamon sticks in the jars and have had one gentleman tell me its too strong. I like a strong cinnamon flavor. mine has been aging for 4 months now and is so smooth . I have not tried with the apples in the jar

  75. Here in Nashville, I was first introduced to apple pie @ a party spot at one of our lakes – Party Cove. So excited to try this recipe. However, this year, the guy who usually sells it, sold lemonade moonshine. It tasted exactly like lemonade and was so smooth it was ridiculous. Any recipes for it?

  76. I am going to make my first batch this weekend and I am looking forward to trying it. One question though, once it has boiled and cooled do I add a cinn stick to each mason jar before filling, if so how long should I leave it in? Thank you and I look forward to trying other flavors too

  77. I need a new recipe! Last year I used 1/2 of a fifth of 190 Everclear, 2 C sugar, 1 Gal of cider, 1 Gal juice, and cinnamon sticks. It was good but too sweet and not enough kick. I would like your advice and also a recipe for Cherry pie. Everclear is way too hard to get in PA to waste!

    • Hotrod, I just posted my recipe below take a look & see what ya think, BTW I get my Everclear online since it’s hard to get any other way!

  78. Going to try to make peach pie today! Local orchard sells peach cider and going to try to make it with peach cider and white grape peach juice. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out

  79. yall might want to try fireball cinnamon whiskey instead of sticks use one fith and its 80 proof kicks it up a notch

  80. Your site is pretty interesting to me and your subject matter is very relevant. I was browsing around and came across something you might find interesting. I was guilty of 3 of them with my sites. “99% of website owners are committing these 5 BIG mistakes”. http://tinyurl.com/cvartfk You will be suprised how simple they are to fix.

  81. […] Apple Pie Moonshine – Moonshine Recipes – – Moonshine Heritage Everclear: Everclear comes in two strengths: 190 proof and 151 proof. In some states you can only buy the 151 proof product. It is altogether illegal in a few other states. […]

  82. You need to add more EVERCLEAR. Its a great recipe but not enough alcohol. At least 1 1/2 bottles if not 2 complete. Not that I’m a drunk or anything. I would imagine you’d want a little bit when you drink it.

    just my 2 cents..

  83. If ya like apple pie shine and peach shine we have a lil drink here in Hickman county we like in the summer time when strawberries are fresh and you guessed it strawberry moonshine great drink for a hot summer day while sitting on the creek bank

  84. way too sweet, and not strong at all, nothing like the bought kind. I would have cut down on the sugar, and just use store bought apple juice and cheap apple cider. I think the amber color would be better.

  85. What would the STRENGTH BE IF i USED 1 GAL CIDER, 1/2 GAL JUICE AND 1 FIFTH (750M/L) of 190 everclear?

  86. I have made this a number of times the first about 7 years ago didn’t come out to good got a recipe from a friend. Our family has been going to a place called “Apple Hill” every fall for about the last 8 years (for me that is) and I got the desire to try again. Since that first batch about 2 years ago I have refined it as follows and it comes put pretty damn tasty! I have alot of friends that I’m giving it to for Chritmas this year. anyway my recipe is as follows:

    6 empty clean wine bottles
    1 Gal unfiltered, unpasturized apple cider
    18 cinnamon sticks (6 reserved for bottles)
    1 1/4 cup sugar in the raw
    1 1/4 cup dark brown sugar
    4-6 ounces real Vanilla extract
    i 750 ML Bottle of 190 proof everclear

    pour 1 gal Cider, both sugars, and 12 cinnamon sticks in a pot. Cook on med to med/hi until all sugar is disolved and comes to a soft boil (just starts to bubble). I tend to keep it on Med depending on how big of a batch I’m doing so the flavor from the cinnamon stick comes out in the cooking. Once it comes to a soft boil remove from heat and cool. I usually put the pot in a sink full of ice water to cool it. When it cools to about 90 degrees is when I add the vanilla and the 750 Ml bottle of 190 proof everclear. I continue stir as it cool then remove the cinnamon sticks, pour from the pot to a pitcher. I place one cinnamon stick in each of the 6 bottles before filling, i fill each bottle to the base of the neck. you should have enough Apple pie to fill 6 bottles and maybe a little extra (for sampling, but remember it will be strong tasting at this point)if it’s not cooked to long and steams off. Now this is another thing I do different from what I read here based on when I was first told how to make this, I age it in a cool dark cabinet for 3 months, yes you read that right 3 months! I just opened my last bottle on Thanksgiving that had sat for a year, it was well worth it it was so smooth not any harshness of the everlear at all. The only thing is I have no idea what the proof or percentage of alchohol it is other than “approach with caution”! Like I said mine is a litte stronger than the recipes I’ve seen here and definitely not the color of the one shown, its a carmel color and cloudy due to the unfiltered an un pasturized apple cider I use, but oh man is it ever tasty. Hope this helps some of you experimenting with your own batches of what I call “Homemade Apple Pie”

  87. Got all fired up to try this and when I went to the ABC store they informed me the state of Va n N Car do not sell Everclear and have not for the past several years.I don’t want JJ monshine which is 70%.Now what?

  88. My question is about the canning and storage. Do i just pour it in the sterale mason jar and screw on the cap and leave it?

    • Yep! Then store in a cool, dry, dark place for a while. I age mine a minimum of 3 months but i see that most here only age a few weeks, but I will say that the longer it ages the smoother it is!

      • MartyB, is it of any concern of the cider going bad over time. I have been reading comments to let it age a couple of months, and I know that cider will ferment, just asking to make sure no one will get sick as I have been making this for Christmas presents. Thanks

        • ScooterM, the Cider will not ferment once the everclear is in it, I just drank the last bottle from a batch I made in October 2010 and it was great, I would say 2 years is the limit in my oppinion but I never have been able to keep any that long! The only reason I saved that one was to let my son try it. The longer it sits the smoother it gets!

      • Hey there…I made a batch of the original recipe, with the addition of a tablespoon of nutmeg flakes and 1/2 tablespoon of cloves, boiled, cooled, then strained into 18 sterilized mason jars, lidded, then stored in the basement. I am seeing a dark, slimy looking sediment, that upon shaking the jar, will disappear into the the mixture. Did it spoil? Is the sediment microbes, bacteria, or is it expected because of the spices? Its delicious, but I don’t wanna make anybody sick from drinking it. So…should I just mark it up as a loss and trash it and start over…or strain each bottle and add even more Everclear?

        • I would recommend packing them up and shipping them to me. I’d be happy to get rid of that batch for you. 😉 I’ll return your empty jars after a certain amount of time I promise.

          My wife suggested adding some cloves the next time I make a batch, I’d be interested on how it turned out.

  89. Can I just pour this straight into mason jars and twist the lids on or do I need to use a canner and can it properly like you would fruit jam etc. Basically Im asking if I just twist the lids on and call it good, how long before it goes bad? Anyone? Thanks

  90. Tried this last night on a whem. Taste great. I will be making more. I only had a pint of 190 everclear so I cut the receipt in half.

  91. So what is a “serving?” A shot? A big water glass??

  92. Made my first batch tonight and all went well. I didn’t want to make a full recipe the first time so I cut it in half. I used 3 pints of shine and it looks and tastes great. I didn’t have enough cinnamon sticks to go around so I recycled the once from the mix until I can get more.

    I can’t wait to try them on New Year’s Eve!

  93. How do I cut recipe to only make 4 pints.

  94. do you have to put this in canning jars or can put it back into cider jug? How long will it keep this way?

  95. I follow the above reciepe using 190 proof everclear, but let set overnight after cooling and adding everclear. I strain it as I put in Mason Jars. It does get better with aging, 2 to 3 weeks. Have had no complaints on my brew and yes it will sneak up on you.

  96. I’m a home made wine maker,also I make home made lemon & orange chello using Everclear.I will do the apple pie moonshine very soon!Thanks for this great web site!! Merry Christmas.

    Mert Latta

    • Any way i could get you to send me the recepies for the lemon and orange chello? Thanks

    • Mert, I was wondering if you could share your recipe. Also, I had started making lemoncello last year. I had zested a few lemons, but gave up when an hour later I had very little lemon zest there. I put what I had in the basement, and basically forgot about it. It is now 18 months later and the lemon is still there. Is is possible to still use it at this point? I don’t want anyone to get sick. Also, I now can’t find the recipe for the syrup mixture. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  97. I mixed all my ingredients together, brought them to a boil and then removed them from the heat and let cool. The mixture tasted just like apple pie. I then added my moonshine and it has a different taste to it now. Does it need to sit for a couple weeks to taste right??

  98. I also cut the recipe in half. Does yours taste the same after you added your alcohol as it did before? Jw, cause mine has a different taste. Hoping it gets better after it sits for a couple weeks!

    • mine has gotten a lot more smooth after sitting in the fridge for the past 4 months. the harshness of the grain is no longer present at all.

  99. […] It is well written, and abundantly illustrated.  My favorite by far is the blog titled “Apple Pie Moonshine“.  Check it out today, and tell the author that Betty Sue Haynes sent you! Share […]

  100. we make apple pie and i call it peach cobbler and im doing pinneapple smoothy tonight and all my biker friends love it. if i got a still can i find the directions on how to make shine so my friends and i can enjoy.

  101. correction we make apple pie and peach cobbler and the new 1 called pinneapple smoothie

  102. Just made my first batch of moonshine, read through all the comments thanks for all the great info

  103. My opinion only:
    I made your recipe, too sweet, too weak for Montanans – this may be fine for you Southern good ol’ boys with your Southern Comfort, but it’s not what we drink up here!!

    My opinion of making this brew perfectly palatable – clean about 12 or 13 re-cappable beer bottles (like Pig’s Ass Porter comes in, here in Montana),
    What you need –
    1 750 ML (a fifth) bottle of Everclear
    1/2 Gallon of unfiltered,Organic Apple Juice
    1/2 Gallon of unfiltered Organic Apple Cider
    Organic juice and cider contain enough “natural cider that you don’t need to add that refined white or brown sugar.

    Keep the sugar for your kids, they’ll become overly hyper from the genuine apple pie you make for them so mom and dad can enjoy their own “Apple Pie Alamode” drink.

    1. Pour a 1oz. shot of 190 proof Everclear in each bottle 2. Insert 1 or 2 sticks of cinnamon and 1 or 2 vanilla bean pods in each bottle. (spice to taste, I use 3 of each)
    3. Mix 1/2 gallon each of cider and juice together (128oz.) 4. Pour the mix into the bottles (leave some expansion room – look at a regular unopened bottle of beer, and that will tell you how much expansion room you should have for 12 oz., and how full you should make it)
    5. Cap with new bottle caps
    6. store it for a couple of months
    7. When ready to serve, put it into the fridge and serve it cold!

    I leave the cinnamon and vanilla bean in for the entire process, no separation between making it and aging it! Don’t worry about it being ‘cloudy’ because it isn’t going to hurt you, it’s just a little extra vitamins and minerals.

    Careful, this might knock your sox off if you’re not a drinker or if you drink too much – 1 bottle of this is just about equal to 2 beers ( depending on the alcohol percentage in your favorite beer, like Pigs Ass Porter) or somewhere around 35% – 40% alcohol. Remember, it’s got 1 shot of 190 proof Everclear in each bottle – it’s not wine! I haven’t used a hydrometer/refractometer for this, but I know it’s good!!

    CYA Notice: Keep out of the reach of children – according to the laws of the state in which you reside or are visiting/travelling through!

  104. Forgot to say; check out the BAC Calculator at Notre Dame.
    1 shot Everclear, 180lb male, 1 hour = BAC 0.03560993668300653
    2 shots Everclear, 180 lb. male, 1 hour = BAC .08821987336601
    1 shot Everclear, 120 lb. female, 1 hour = BAC 0.0755209231321
    2 shots Everclear, 120 lb. female, 1 hour = BAC 0.168041846264
    In Montana, the max BAC while driving is:
    “The State of Montana prohibits driving with a .08 percentage or above, blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The .08 measurement is the standard used across the United States for the “impaired” driver. The State of Montana has lower BAC limits for minors and drivers of commercial vehicles. In addition to the .08 BAC law, Montana also considers a .04 percent a DUI if that fact is considered with other competent evidence.” So a 120 lb female can be adjudged ‘impaired’ with just one of these drinks, and a 180 lb. guy is over the line with two!

  105. How would I calculate the proof in a quart of this in a mason jar?

    • The only correct way is to go to a homebrew shop and buy a hydrometer meant for “Spirits’ (not for beer and wine). That way it’s not just another “Educated Guess” like a mathmatical equasion would give you. I.E. depending on how much evaporation occurs during boiling, how much or how little sugar you throw in, whether you drink a shot or two of your everclear prior to making the brew, etc., your figures could be off, whereas a hydrometer will give you the true values!

    • As mentioned, the *best* way is to use a hydrometer. However, if you know the weights of the various ingredients and their percentage alcohol by volume, you can get a pretty good guess.

      You have 2 gallons of cider at ~8.35 pounds/gallon=16.7 lb. No alcohol, of course.
      You have 3 cups of sugar at 0.44 pounds/cup, for 1.32 lb.
      You have 1 quart of Everclear, at about 8 lb/gal. 95% ABV.

      The mixture comes out to be roughly 9.4% ABV, or 18.8 proof. Not actually even a strong wine, which would be ~14% ABV. But it goes down so very smoothly…

  106. Hey y’all, could someone please help me with the recipe? Now, the question that I have is after I throw them in, do I leave them in there or do I let them hang out in it for a certain amount of time and then pull them out? What do I do? Thanks for the recipe.

    • The only correct way is to go to a homebrew shop and buy a hydrometer meant for “Spirits’ (not for beer and wine). That way it’s not just another “Educated Guess” like a mathmatical equasion would give you. I.E. depending on how much evaporation occurs during boiling, how much or how little sugar you throw in, whether you drink a shot or two of your everclear prior to making the brew, etc., your figures could be off, whereas a hydrometer will give you the true values!

      • That comment above was supposed to go to ‘ac’ but somehow it ended up here! Maybe the site owner can move it into it’s proper place, since I can’t remove it and start over – wait, maybe I can just copy and paste it up there ….. it’ll be on here twice if that works, but what the hay!

        As far as leaving the cinnamon sticks and vanilla bean pods in the mix; it depends on your tastes – I leave them in until I open the bottle to drink, I like the strong cinnamon and vanilla taste, not just a hint!

        P.S. You can make your own Cinnamon whiskey (better/stronger than 66 Proof/33%ABV Fireball) just by taking a bottle of 100 proof Whiskey and putting a few sticks of cinnamon in it and age it for a couple of months. I’d leave out the sugar, because I hate sweet drinks, but make up some sugar syrup (just sugar and water) in a sealable bottle, and bring it out of the fridge to sweeten the Cinnamon Whiskey or Apple Pie when there are ladies that don’t like it straight and would like a sweeter drink. Making these drinks isn’t rocket science – it’s just flavorings and booze and aging …… add the sweetning via sugar syrup, that way each person is able to sweeten it to their own taste preferences!

  107. I went to Billings yesterday and bought a Trailles/ABV Hydrometer. This recipe won’t even register any alcohol at 75f.. After 2 weeks of steeping, I was going to rack it into beer bottles (like the way I do above), but this is ridiculous! I will just end up racking a few bottles with a shot or two of high-ABV vodka (highest vodka we can get here is 100 proof) per bottle and store it for about 6 months. I won’t waste another bottle of Everclear on a recipe like this.

    The best thing about this recipe is the cider/juice/cinnamon stick/vanilla bean combination. This will go on the shelf with the rest of my homemade extracts/tinctures/liqueurs – I usually age for about 6 months. This is mislabelled as ‘moonshine’ but it is actually a liqueur with the high sugar content, but without virtually any alcohol content. The Hydrometer won’t even come close to registering at 1% or 2% ABV! Now that may be caused by the amount of sugar, so next month I will buy a beer/wine hydrometer, and try that to see if it will register anything at all.

  108. I went to Billings yesterday and bought a Trailles/ABV Hydrometer. This recipe won’t even register any alcohol at 75f..
    This is mislabelled as ‘moonshine’ but it is actually a liqueur with the high sugar content, but without virtually any alcohol content. The Hydrometer won’t even come close to registering at 1% or 2% ABV!

  109. you won’t be able get an accurate alcohol reading because of the sugar content.

  110. u can buy everclear in maryland

  111. you can buy ever clear in maryland.

  112. u can buy everclear in maryland.

  113. put a slice or 2 of peaches in it & hold on 2 ur boots omg

  114. If I make this I am not planning on using added sugar (I don’t like really sweet things.) Is the Apple juice’s sugar content going to throw it off I got a gal Unsweetened apple juice, and 1 gal Zeiglers Apple cider and 190 Proof Everclear (and 99 apples to throw a shot per jar).

  115. What would happen if it was mix with alcohol when hot and put into canning jars and allowed to seal???

    • From my research heat degrades the alcohol? (Please correct me if I am wrong; dont wanna spread misinformation.)

      • Alcohol turns to vapor at 174 degrees, so if you pour moonshine into boiling liquid (212 degrees) then you are going to lose a little bit of it as vapor. Now in reality it’s not going to be that much alcohol, you’d have to apply heat to it for at least a half hour to boil out all the liquor, but you will lose a small amount of it.

        A lot of people are worried about storing Apple Pie Moonshine for long periods of time, but it’s not a problem storing it. The alcohol itself acts as a preservative. It’s got a high enough alcohol content that it will kill almost everything that tries to get into it. For example, most wines have about 10% alcohol content and you can store them for decades. As long as you seal up the jars of Apple Pie Moonshine as soon as you make them, you shouldn’t have any issues of them going bad. If you open one up to sip on it, put it in the fridge.

        • So would using a canning bath kill the ABV? If not sealed would it spoil? I am looking at making about a couple gal to store for this summer.

          • I don’t think you need to go through the trouble of canning it.

            It will certainly store 6 months to a year in the cabinet. I have personally stored it that long without any issues.

            Like I said, even though there is sugar and fruit juice in it, the high alcohol content will help to preserve it. Just make sure that everything you use is clean when you make the batch. Make sure your jars and lids are clean. Use common sense sanitary procedures. For example, when you let the mixture cool down after making it and you stir in the alcohol, don’t grab a dirty spoon to stir it up with or a spoon that’s been sitting on the counter. Use clean utensils, especially after it’s cooled. Bottle this stuff up, screw the lid on tight, and don’t open it up until you’re ready to drink it. If you drink it, put it in the fridge.

          • Thank you admin. I am looking forward to making this as soon as I have a day off from work!

          • MarkfmRadcliffKY

            I cooled my juice (before adding alcohol, of course) to 120 or maybe less. I put my jars in the dishwasher to sanitize them. I added the alcohol right before I filled the “Ball” jars and stirred. It actually cooled it more, but it was still warm when I filled the jars. Most all of them cooled with the seal tops on, contracting, and brought the seals down and they popped, letting me know, they are canned and sealed! As long as they seal at the temp in which will be the warmest outside in the summer that it will be, they’ll stay canned and sealed!

  116. Billy Wayne Allison

    Made it!Love it!!!Going to make some more!!!

  117. I have loved moonshine for years and I smell it all the time where I live cooking away in the woods. I have experminted making some myself. I always end up with rocket fuel I cant drink. Any suggestions? I want to keep My N.C. Heritage ALIVE!

  118. I used a liter of 190 pga and it still taste good but was really weak wht should i do to spruce it up

  119. I made a batch according to directions, 1 gal, 1 gal, and 2 750ml of 190 proof grain alchol.Too weak, have to cut it up to add more.Just don’t know how much more to add,maybe a pint to each quart? I like mine strong. Got any suggestions?

  120. Made my first batch a couple days ago , couple things different though . I used dark brown sugar and was lucky enuff to aquire EverClear 190 proof , I also used a food processor to completely powder the sugar , I used 100% apple cider and 100% apple juice no preservatives at all. The color came out like dark tea and tastes awesome . I’ll have to try the vanilla extract next time . Thanks for the tip

  121. BTW how much vanilla extract for a 1.75 liter of EverClear recipe ?

  122. Going to make my first batch in a couple days for my Birthday on Friday,cant wait

  123. […] having some friends over Saturday night to play cards. In preparation I made a batch of apple pie.  Have you tried apple pie? Mmm Mmm good!  I’m looking forward to some summer parties where […]

  124. Just making my 1st batch now, its cooling off.

  125. Well my 1st batch turned out great………… Delicioussssssssss

  126. I am interested in making other flavors. Does anyone have recipes.

  127. Hi I need help getting started i have a 4 gal still need help from start to finish. ( on how to properly make mash to properly cutting and filtering thank email me at stew8208@aol.com

  128. Haven’t made any yet but was wondering if the apple cider
    would clear up after its cooking it?

  129. Has anyone tried using properly fermented apple cider and add after the boiling process?

  130. Just made my first batch! I had to ad my own little spin on it cause I’m not much for copying someone else, but it turned out great! Thanks ya’ll!

  131. I made apple pie but used apple slices. Should I worry about them spoiling?

  132. What should I expect for shelf life ( apple pie moonshine ), how should it be done?

  133. Can you send me the infor for the shine reciept that you refered to. Id like to try a freezer batch

  134. I want to know if you can tell me the amount of fore-shots to dump before the hearts? some tell me a cup. but i dont want to make apple pie that taste like s#it.I use 40lbs of dextrose in 14gals of water 2 packs of turbo power yeast and I carbon clear it for the best I can make. but with that much mash I have a hard time finding the end of the fore-shots & heads. I hate to discard any hearts. and the reading on the heads is 195. I use a reflux at 172 to 176 temp at the top of the still. then the hearts come out to be 180?? so what do you think I’m doing wrong? I use only the best organic apple juice & cider and fresh juice we make when we can get apples. In a 2gal batch we add 1 1/2 liter of 180p. And spices, so we are trying to make the Worlds best apple pie!!!

  135. Someone was telling me that apple pie shine is “supposed to be flammable”. I want to ask an expert and see what yall think.

    I said that it couldn’t be cause its basically watered down in a since.

    So is apple pie shine supposed to be flammable?

    • NO Apple Pie Shine is not Flammable. Its Got way to much juice. but if you put a small amount on a spoon and heat it up the alcohol will burn on the top of the juice as long as you hold a flame on it. but after you stop the flame, or the alcohol burns up. it go’s out!!

  136. Does anybody roughly know what proof the apple pie recepie listed on this website is?

  137. I just made the apple pie for the first time and it was great! While we made this, we also made the peach and it is getting rave reviews from friends and family. I have seen some comments about the cherry pie recipe, but I have not seen one on here. Does anybody have a good cherry pie recipe?

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  139. I’m making a batch right now and I see alot of you talking about it being weak. Do you think I’ll get a nice buzz with two 750 mL of 190pf everclear? Thanks. The drunkardness is the whole pOint for me 😛

  140. If you let it sit for a few weeks, do you store it at room temp.?

  141. All I can find is 151 ever clear do I use for then just one bottle or will one bottle be ok

  142. Sorry all I can find is 151 of ever clear do I use more then one bottle or will one be ok??

  143. is it alright to put it in the fridge after you put it in the jars?

    • You can put it in the fridge but it’s like beer or wine it will freeze no matter how much shine or everclear you use

  144. How would you make this with coconut

  145. Capt Skip archer Sr USMC Ret.

    I go to Freedom rally in Buckhorn Missouri every may and this is big there and GREAT

  146. do you have to put the moonshine in a fridge while you’re letting it sit..? or can you just put it out on a shelf?

  147. so if i mixed a liter of 153 proof everclear with 1 gallons cider x juice, how much alcohol is actually in the drink.

    I added the everclear when the mix was completely cooled down so it wouldnt cook any alchol out.
    could anyone answer this for me please? or help me out?

  148. Does anyone have a recipe for watermelon or coconut shine

  149. How did you get yours so clear?? Maybe I got the wrong kind of cider but it made mine look more opaque. Any tips?

  150. Nvm. Just had a chance to read all the posts. Got the good cidar!!

  151. I make it like the recipe, but add a little allspice to the mix before boiling. I add one liter of 190 Everclear and one liter of Captain Morgan Spiced rum.


  152. Have a question. Is it legal to make moonshine in Florida? If so, how many gallons are you allowed to make? This is only for family and friend consumption, not for sale.

  153. Hey all

    I made this awhile back-following the recipe to the letter and it did taste just like liquid apple pie. Touch of vanilla was added and like a lot of folks It did turn out a tad sweet for my taste. (though still an outstanding product)

    Planning on another batch next week although I’m thinking about only using 1 cup of brown sugar or leaving it out altogether.

    1 gal of clear cider
    1 gal of apple juice
    2-3 tbl spoons of vanilla ext
    0-1 cup of brown sugar
    8-10 cin sticks

    when cool add

    1 gal of 190 proof grain alc

    Heat up mix until cin sticks start to uncurl. Don’t forget the cooking process evaporates some of the water from the juices so the overall vol is reduced. Adding in a gal of 190 proof EC et. al the math should produce about 30-35% alc. by vol (if I’m wrong please advise before I attempt)

    I’ve had apple pie at this strength before and it was spectacular although I think it’s a little higher than it’s supposed to be with this recipe

    I saw some posts asking about storing in oak barrels – while I haven’t tried this way it might be possible to pitch a finished batch into a fermenter with a couple of cups of toasted oak chips used in wine making to impart the same kind of aroma-flavor for a couple of weeks and then bottle (just an idea). I say keep it in a fermenter to eliminate any evaporation of the alc.


    In Florida too – from BATF you cannot legally distill consumable alc. anywhere without proper permits (depending on State) punishable by $10K or 5 years or both. Even for personal consumption Control for the sake of control as the law serves no other purpose than to line the govts. pocket. Beer & wine ok to a limit depending on the State. Sucks but there you go.

  154. Hey all

    Well the experiment went better than expected. To be honest I halved the ingredients as a hedge but it wasn’t needed

    2 quarts of unsweetened clear apple cider
    2 quarts of no-sugar-added 100% apple juice
    5 cinnamon sticks (about 2.5 to 3 inches long)
    About a teaspoon of vanilla extract

    Heated the entire mixture to boiling with a lid on the pot. Once boiling turned down the heat to simmer with the lid off the pot until the cinnamon sticks started to uncurl (about 5 minutes)

    Removed from heat and placed pot in a water-ice bath to cool down

    Once cool (about 20 minutes) added 1 bottle (750 ml) of 190 proof (95%) grain alcohol. Stirred

    The mixture did have some residue pieces from the cinnamon sticks so I carefully filled up 4 quart mason jars and use a coffee filter lining a sieve to filter out the last of the mixture

    Total yield was just over 4.5 pints

    Color – Clear gold
    Aroma – sweet apple pie fragrance
    Taste – Less heavy then when made with added sugar but maintained a strong
    similarity to the basic recipe but with a stronger (although still mild) after burn – just to let you know there’s a kick in there somewhere

    Not exactly sure where the total alcohol content ended up but the bottle of grain alcohol is nearly 1 quart (with my redneck math)- 95% divided by 4.5 quarts total quantity it must be around 20% – 25% (okay next time 2 bottles of
    grain alcohol)

    Happy sippin’ ya’ll

  155. Made a batch with two 16oz bottles of 190 grain, but I only used a half gallon of cider & juice to increase the strength, an I loved it. If you like drinking liquor thats high in proof, give it a try 🙂

  156. Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design. Bless you

  157. Also agree with many that this is a great site. Have had the “real” thing from my bud in Tennessee. Going to the store shortly to buy my ingredients. I can’t resist saying this: READ THE COMMENTS before asking your question, there must be 12 different people asking if they can store it for x time. Will try with no or little sugar and more Everclear. Will post results when done.

  158. […] made two quarts of apple pie out of the White Dog that Irish Woman got me for my birthday. We’ll see how it tastes in a […]

  159. Im looking for cherry pie moonshine recipe please.

  160. Anyone have the recipe for strawberry and cherry moonshine?

  161. I’d like to make this with fresh crabapple juice. Is that an issue? How long can this be stored? How long is it good on the shelf?

  162. jimmy from buckroe va.

    I would like to know if apple cider from the cold case in stores with shelflife of two or three week shelf life like milk would go bad if the shine was kept 3 or 4 months after made

  163. Just made my first batch! YUM YUM! “Gets better after a few weeks!” It is shocking to think it can get any better!!!
    Followed your recipe but did decide to add the 3T of Vanilla extract after reading down all the comments. Can’t wait to try the peach & strawberry shine!!!

  164. Do you have a recipe for just sunshine?!?! =]

  165. I would like the freezer instructions please.


  166. I would like the recipe for sour apple and straberry.

  167. RP would love to give your recipe a shot email me at blue88light@hotmail.com

  168. Actually, I made some Apple Pie Moonshine for the first time with the recipe stated at the beginning of this page and it turned out great.

    Only difference is that I made a 1/4 batch with just under the required sugar amount and added a full 750ml of 80 proof Midnight Moon with a few apple wedges in each jar for looks basically. Poured the contents into 32oz jars. It was a creeper.

    Believe it or not, a CA bay area store sells 192 proof Spirytus Grain alcohol. I choose to stick with store bought 80 proof Moonshine for consistency but thought about adding a little Everclear or Spirytus to increase the content a little.

    • Just to add to my comments: I used Treetop Apple Juice and Cider. Read that someone mentioned brown sugar. Sounds pretty interesting.

      Going to try a full batch this weekend with a little brown sugar.

  169. using shine is alot better the store bought alcohol. if you can get ahold of it id use or just make it. but be wise in doing so. for a sweeter taste, id add a half teaspoon brown suger to each quart.

  170. We made this recipe today y’all, and it is delectable, and delightful. We are planning on making it a lot, and using it as gifts as well as for personal consumption. We like it with the vanilla y’all. It’s super good. It is hard to wait for it to cool before drinking, we played Monopoly to pass the time. it’s awesome that we can buy ever clear here.

    we would like to know if the pumpkin recipe is legit, or just alchol in a pumpkin, because, been there, done that. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  171. Thank you for the recipe it keeps people like me in business.

  172. Um just a note to anyone out there buying moonshine if the person doesn’t know what they are doing they can kill you. Some idiots use lead solder on the still and this is dangerous. Light a spoonful of booze and if it burns blue your cool. This will have to be done in a darkened room it is hard to spot a whiskey fire. If it burns red it will make you dead. Also make sure your source pitches the first shot coming out of the still it can be poisonous. Asking your sources a lot of questions is a good idea before you drink what they make.

    • if it burns blue its eithel alcohol if it doesnt its a different alcohl.if your actually distilling alcohol the first bit that cooks off is usually not eithel alc and it will burn red not blue.let the first bit run out till it burns blue.this has nothing to do with lead solder which can cuase lead poisoning…but it will still burn blue if it has lead so be careful

  173. […] Adapted from a recipe at Moonshine Heritage. […]

  174. I made a batch of the Apple Pie “Moonshine” a couple months ago and it is awesome! I’m just wondering here, I only used 1 liter of the Everclear. Does anybody have any thoughts on using a 1.75 liter bottle the next time? Would appreciate any input. It was also quite sweet, which is o.k., but what about cutting the sugar content? Should that be left alone also? Thanx, Dano

    • I used 1.75 on this recipe. It was stout! I believe that it will mellow out in a few weeks. It is certainly drinkable, but it’s a little bitter and not very smooth at the moment. I am going to keep a few jars just to see what it does. The others I am going to cut with more apple cider, then add a bit of vanilla and whipped cream vodka. I think that will add some depth and richness.

  175. Does it have to be refrigerated?

  176. I have a question…can you cut whole apples into cubes and put them in the alcohol and add cinnamon and the sugar would that have a similar result as the recipe above?

  177. Can I use corn whiskey moonshine and make it into apple pie moonshine?

  178. i have made this a few time not this recipe instead of putting a cinn stick in each jar we take a half shot of after shock or fire water and add to the jar for the cinn taste and gives you a little more alchol content not much but enough taste great you should try it

  179. I have a whole bunch of apples and was going to juice them and make apple juice and then make this moonshine…Does the apple juice have to pastuerized?

  180. RP please email me your receipe for your apple pie drink.. my email is nativea57@comcast.net I will add it to my list. I hope I dont run out of shine before all the receipes are made and tried

  181. Can’t buy Grain or Moonshine in PA, is there anything else you can use?

  182. i wannqa start making shine what do i need to start

  183. Here is my Recipe for the classic favorite

    1 Gallon apple cider
    1 Gallon apple juice
    12 cinnamon sticks
    1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
    12 cloves
    ½ cup brown sugar
    ¾ cup sugar in the raw
    2 ¼ 750 ml bottles of EverClear 190 proof
    ¾ 750 ml bottle of Spiced Rum
    1 tablespoon Good vanilla

    12 wide mouth quart jars with lid’s and rings washed and dried

    Add all ingredients but the alcohol
    Bring to soft boil for 5 minutes, let cool to 150 Degree’s
    Add the alcohol and mix thoroughly.
    Fill all bottles evenly, placing 1 cinnamon stick from finished product into the jars
    Place the lids and rings on filled jars
    Place in the bottom of large pot and fill to the bottom of the rings
    On medium heat, bring temperature to 180 degrees and hold that temp for 10 minutes.
    This will pasteurize the shine without losing any alcohol. (Steams @ 174 degrees, but none is lost because of the lids only release a small amount of vapor out).

    Cool overnight and check the seals, they should not pop back now.

    Chill before serving, great with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    Makes twelve 1 quart jars.
    They should be good for 1 year.
    Store in a cool and dry basement.

  184. I completely am loving this article!!! definitely gonna need to add
    this to my blogroll.

  185. […] you are a sissy girl who needs to straighten up and fly right. You can start by making some Apple Pie Moonshine.  Word to the wise: don’t believe your sister when she tells you your Daddy won’t be […]

  186. Hi there! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any ideas or suggestions? With thanks

  187. […] 8 cinnamon sticks • 1 liter bottle of moonshine  Here are the rest of the instructions from Moonshine Heritage.  Blueberry Moonshine Popsicles Umm… wow. These are awesome. Thank you, Food Republic for […]

  188. Hello and thank you for the recipe. I was just wondering if i needed to put the mason jars into boiling water to seal them. Or if this was not needed due to the alcohol.

  189. Can I please get someone send me a recipe for apple ,stawberry cherry and watermelon shine thanks My email is rockyrockx@yahoo.com

  190. Would love a pumpkin pie recipe…. anyone have any thoughts?

  191. What is the self life I was gunna make 9 gallons but want to know the shelf life?

  192. I believe various other internet site owners need to consider this website being an design – really neat and fantastic style and design, not to mention the content. You’re a specialist of this type!

  193. Iam getting ready to make my first batch of apple pie in the morning.. but was really interested in the pumpkin pie recipe as well if anyone could share it that would be great! thank you all for the great info as i just got done reading it all. Il give someone my email if you want to send me the recipe for pumpkin pie that way. let me know

  194. The only label regarding shelf life should read: Drank before Febuary!

  195. Is there any difference in usiing pasturized or non-pasturized cider?

  196. Can these apple pie moonshine recipes be made and stored in
    clean sterilized wine bottles either corkedmor with the screw on cap?

  197. r.p. would surely ppreciate if you would pass on your recipe. thanks so much… sipgirl3@gmail.com

  198. i live in michigan and NEED to try this recipe… how do i get my hands on the moonshine or everclear to make this or if its hard what subsitute can i use to make it taste the same with the same drunk kick??

  199. If you use a dilution formula of (volume alcohol)X (actual%/wanted%)-(volume)= addition needed.

    Example You have 1 liter of Everclear at 95% and you want to dilute it to 11%. 1000mlX(95/11=8.636)-1000ml=7636ml(a bit over 2 gallons). So that is the % of the above recipe or 22 proof. If you want it to sit at 30% or 60 proof, then use 2166ml of apple juice or cider (a little over one half gallon). Yield is smaller but proof is higher.

  200. […] from Moonshine Heritage. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  201. My gf is allergic…to red apples…but not green ones…..have found an apple juice she can have. All the ciders are made with red apples tho….I was wondering if anyone had any solutions/substitutions for the apple cider?

    Maybe the cider mix packets are my best bet?

  202. Hey RP, would like to have your recipe. please send it to me. Thanks

  203. Hey RP, I would like you recipe, please send it to me!! deandrereed13@gmail.com

  204. Recently my father presented me with a bottle of Laird’s Applejack Whiskey and I was wondering if it would be a good addition to the recipe. Along with the Everclear (151 proof). Just wanted to know if someone else has tried it before I waste a bottle of Applejack.

  205. I make my Pie a little stronger than most, but i also use real shine (apple brandy, un-spooned) but if you were going to use 151 i would recommend Bacardi 151, rum has the ability to mate well with sweetness and it doesn’t deact under acidity. Try this:
    1 gal Cider of choice
    1 gal Mott’s apple Juice(it is 100% and contains no pectin)
    2 cans frozen apple concentrate
    8 sticks cinnamon
    Dash! of salt (this helps with acidity and takes the bitter from the cinnamon)
    1 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
    1/2 cup light brown sugar (darker sugars do not recreate crystal matrix after cooling)
    and teaspoon of vanilla extract
    Combine all these in a big ass pot bring to a full Rolling boil stirring frequently
    Now take a wooden spoon for mixing, use as a dip stick and mark how deep, split that measurement into quarters and boil this mixture down 1/4 so that there is 1/2 a gal less water in your mix. this Will increase your flavor mix and allow for more alcohol to be added.
    After boiling let cool to room temp AT LEAST!! alcohol will react to higher temps and will start breaking down and evaporating quickly the higher it is.
    Now add 1-2 (i would recommend 1.5) liter of Bacardi 151
    tada your done, put it in jars, then fridge, then liver.
    Warning: If you opt not to boil down, DO NOT use cider, cider contains raw particles of apple and they will eventually eat the alc content if not completely cooked because brewed alcohol is never done reacting when they bottle it. alcohol is better than ammonia.
    Let me know how this all works for you. I simply used my recipe replaced what i used with bacardi. This should yield Pie thats close to 23% by volume to 31% if 2 liters used. And its sweet and smooooth and will put your dick in the dirt :oP

  206. would like to have differant flavored pie recipes have a apple pie/moonshine and a peach/moonshine but want more email me at chduff@aol.com

  207. Not sure if this was a fluke or not, but I just purchased a bottle of 190 Everclear at a liquor shop in Rhode Island just the other day…maybe it is no longer illegal?? Either way, the recipe is excellent!

  208. Like Mey said up there get the unpasteurized cider. It makes a world of difference. In the Midwest I get it at the local grocery store Krogers.
    I had my own still and really couldnt get the proof past 130 so now I just buy either Diesel 153 or Everclear 151. Cannot get 190 here which sucks but whatever.
    I use 8 cinnamon sticks, 1 cup white sugar and 1 cup brown sugar and boil that. You can even throw in a apple slice and cinnamon stick in each jar.
    I see so many questions on here. You really cant mess this up. Try different things.
    I try to keep some tucked away in my closet but 12 jars RARELY last longer than a couple of weeks. EVERYONE loves this stuff.
    I’ll be making some tomorrow for my buddies wifes bday.
    Happy Shinin guys n gals!

  209. In my opinion I would try replacing the 8 cinnamon sticks
    and instead add some Goldschlager cinnamon flavored schnaps. It would add more kick if your looking for it as well as let you have the cinnamon flavor and gold decor lol.

  210. I am about to make my first batch of shine…. I have 80 proof shine, just wanted to ask a question.. if I use the recipe in the article above can I just replace the 1 liter bottle of 190 proof moonshine or grain alcohol with one gallon of 80 proof shine?? I want it to be strong but still taste good.

  211. Please I would also like the recipe to apple pie moonshine. thanks, just me

  212. How long with apple pie moonshine stay good in a refrigerator. Just wondering… Want to make sure it is ok to still drink if it sits in refrigerator for a few months. I made two batches and wouldn’t want anyone to get sick. Doesn’t alcohol act as a preservative?

  213. I would love to have any moonshine recipe of all flavors of variety emailed to me…I’m looking for a good recipe that don’t freeze or even get slushy when it is kept in a freezer for days at a time? Any ideas or suggestions? Please email them to me at dixielicious_cowgirl45121@yahoo.com! Thanks Y’all!

  214. Shiner, I would love to have both recipes please.
    email to tymberwolf04@gmail.com. Thanks

  215. Would love to have a watermelon shine recipe if anyone has one. email to tymberwolf04@gmail.com.


  216. I’m sure the 7 quarts of Apple Pie Moonshine will disappear as soon as I hand it out but is there a shelf life for it? Does it need to be refrigerated?

  217. I love Applepie Moonshine..I use more brown sugar instead of white sugar..it adds a lot more flavor…and along with the cinnamon sticks I add whole allspice berries…the same spices in a good apple pie..The brown sugar also gives the finished product a deep rich color.

  218. if you have any recipe”s that you all have please send them to me i would like to try them please no1offroadracer@aol.com thank you all much

  219. Was catching up on the Moonshiners series yesterday and caught a snippet of the bootlegger, the one the bike, making a run. Prior to his stop his was whipping up a batch of Apple Pie ‘Shine. He poured straight ‘shine into a mason jar, the topped it off with apple juice, looked like 1/3 ‘shine to 2/3 juice to me. He snapped cinnamon sticks in half, added them then popped in a slice of green apple. Is this a more “true” recipe and how does this compare to what’s been listed here? I’ve had some locally and it was more like what I caught on tv last night.

  220. would love to recipes on making apple pie moonshine from scratch…thanks

  221. Colorado red neck

    Ok had to make a batch, first time here is what i did.

    1.5 gallons apple cider
    1 can frozen apple juice
    A QAmess of cin sticks, cloves, all spice, and star anis
    2 cups brown sugar
    Half pint of honey
    1 bottle 190 proof everclear
    1 bottle pinicle cherry whipped vodka

    Having the left over that didnt fit in the jars and dam its alot stronger than i remember but so good i put some of the spices and cut apples in
    The jars gonna wait a few weeks see how it mellows out

  222. Would like to have a carmel apple pie shine recipe please along with pumpkin pie, watermelon shine etc recipes…..any and all would be great! Thanks

  223. Hey everyone! I live in PA and we normally make Apple Pie Boilo, but I have been dying to try Apple Pie Moonshine, or any moonshine for that matter! Please send me your recipes at beckyworth22@yahoo.com


  225. I have made apple pie moonshine and loved it. Does anyone have any other recipes that they could share with me. I’d love to make a strawberry moonshine, a peach moonshine, maybe strawberry banana, and had anyone heard of hot cinnamon? I’m hoping too try my luck at pumpkin pie this Please help. I’d love to make these for Xmas gifts. Everybody keeps asking for it. Thanks. Debi1136@gmail.com

  226. RP, please send me the recipe as well! Thank you so much!

  227. I would love that recipe too! Thanks 🙂 kfarina@shaw.ca

  228. Hey RP, could you send me your recipe. I’d love to try it. Thank you! Debi1136@gmail.com

  229. Hey RP would love to give your recipe a shot if you could send it to me at bowsewr@gmail.com thanks!

  230. If any one can send me the recipe that RP sent to everyone I would be much appreciate it

  231. send it to Rogers4195@fvtc.edu please anyone

  232. this is some real god stuff,i had it at rally an became a real fan of it……………. i would like some more recipes .thank you for a good time .jerry

  233. RP any chance of getting that receipe. Michael.1971@att.net Thanks in dvance>

  234. I would also like to try that recipe from RP also.Have tried a few different recipes they were good but not great. Would like to try RP’s please send to mcigrand@yahoo.com.


  235. Rp could you send your recipe to tristensdad10@gmail.com. Or anyone that may have gotten it please send to me. Thanks in advance.

  236. Can i get the recipie from some one too

  237. Gonna try making this APMS .
    I would like some different recipes
    if anyone would like to share there different
    Flavor recipes. Thanks my email is

  238. I just made Strawberry Banana! It is awsome! Have to stock up for the Holidays!

  239. i would like some of these recipes if you sent them to me at fatboyztoyz@aol.com thanks

  240. This blog is great.

    I used the recipe but wanted it stronger. I like to feel that heat going all the way down. I made the batch, then after cooldown, I filled my Mason Jars 2/3 with the mix and 1/3 with Golden Grain 190. Anybody wanting to make it strong, make a jar like this next time and try it before you just pour your 190 in the batch. Just don’t drink that first jar before you make the rest. Lights out!

  241. Could y’all send me some recipes please

  242. RP, would love to try your Apple Pie recipe also. Bcappelli@cox.net

  243. RP, would love to try your recipe as well.

  244. I’m making a batch tonight, I’ve got all the ingredients. I picked up a gallon of a spiced cider, that is kind of murky and has particles floating in it. Will this turn out ok? Thanks.

  245. Everyone on here is ridiculously soft!!! I used a half gallon of cider and a half gallon of apple juice. One and a half cups brown and one and a half cups white sugar. And 2 liters of everclear. If you want moonshine then man up, quit being a bunch of sissies and put some more liquor in your recipe!!

  246. I would really like to make some smooth strawberry moonshine. I’ve looked over the other recipes and can’t figure what to use for the strawberry flavor without it tasting strong. I am open to suggestions? Thanks

  247. RP, Could you please send me your recipe please. Thanks

  248. I will sterilize the mason jars before filling, is there any other steps I have to take? I am worried about the apple pie not being refrigerated?

  249. Anyone have a recipe for peppermint moonshine?

  250. For the apple pie. I use a little brown sugar and then molasses. It helps keep the sugar content lower, and bolsters the brown sugar flavor

  251. Hey Richard…what’s your email so I can send it.

  252. Will adding a slice of apple per pint jar change the shelf life? Will the alc. content keep the apple from spoiling? How much will it change the flovor over time?

    Made it and poured it up yesterday and planned on giving it out for Christmas and New Years.

  253. Could you please send me the recipe as well tonyalyn74@gmail.com

  254. I have really enjoyed this website reading all the different versions of Apple Pie Moonshine. I have noticed that there seems to be some questions as to the final proof of your recipe and I would like to offer my input. Most of the commercially sold versions seem to be 40 proof, so here are a couple of measurements using 151,190 proof Everclear.

    94 oz juice 101 oz juice
    34 oz 151 Everclear 27 oz 190 Everclear
    _____ _____
    128 oz of 40 proof 128 oz of 40 proof

    Here’s one for those who only have 100 proof available.

    77 oz juice
    51 oz 100 proof
    128 oz of 40 proof

    As you can see, it is best to use highest proof available so that the flavor is not so watered down. If all you have available is 100 proof, mix up some frozen concentrate using less water than called for.
    The above tables are calculated using Pearson’s Square and should be accurate.. You also don’t have to worry about adding in the sugar as this will have very little effect on the total volume.

  255. I would like recipes of Moonshine .I will be making 40 gal batch .

  256. Will anyone send me a recipe for apple pie and any other moonshine??? Thanks Chev122185@aol.com

  257. Rp I would like your recipe also!! unfester9@yahoo.com

  258. I make my Pie a little stronger than most, but i also use real shine but if you were going to use 151 i would recommend Everclear 151, Cider is basically unfiltered apple juice and it’s really a seasonal product. “Real” cider is going to be cloudy and the more authentic look for this recipe is going to be a little cloudy.Try this:

    Swampfire Apple Pie. 1 gal Organic Apple Cider
    1 gal Organic Fresh Apple Juice
    8 sticks cinnamon,find fresh if you can .
    1 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
    1 1/2 cup white sugar
    Cut up 4 apples . Combine all these in a big boil pot(make sure there are no crawfish in it) bring to a full Rolling boil stirring frequently.
    After boiling let cool to room temp.Remove the apples.
    Now add 1 and ½ bottle (liter and a half) of shine or if no shine use everclear-151. Bottle this stuff up, screw the lid on tight, and don’t open it up until you’re ready to drink it. If you drink it, put it in the fridge.

    Warning: it’s sweet and smooooth and will put you in the bayou

  259. please send me the receipes!!! I would love to try and make the different flavors..Thanks in advance!1

  260. hello, well i can’t find any moonshine.
    so i would like to buy someones apple pie moonshine
    please email me.

  261. I have a great recipe that i make of apple cider moonshine, i do it all by sight so i dont know the exact measurements of it all but i take a gallon or so of apple juice and bring it to a boil, once it starts boilin i add in some mulling spices and sugar and let it all brew for a little until it taste just right, then i take it off the stove strain the mulling spices out, let it cool and add in bout a gallon of white lightin. It sells like crazy because its soo good smooth and sweet. Yall try it out some time 🙂

  262. Rp, if you are still reading these comments and its not too much trouble, can you forward your recipe to timmy_11111@yahoo.com. Appreciate it.

  263. A great site! Thanks for all the information!!
    RP I would like to have your recipe for your Apple pie moonshine. If anyone has a good recipe for peach shine I would like to have it also.

  264. If you use 1/3 sugar/brown sugar and a 1/4 cup vanilla it will make your day

  265. I’m just getting started and would appreciate any recipes y’all would like to share. Thanks

  266. RP, I’d love the recipe if you can forward that. Or anyone else.

  267. RP could I get that recipe too,

  268. […] pie moonshine http://www.moonshineheritage.com/blo…pie-moonshine/ Do not use vodka as it gives it an off taste. Everclear is the way to go. And yes, done properly, […]

    • Hey guys I brought some from a friend and put it in the freezer to get nice and cold and forgot about it for a few days when I went to get it it was frozen solid in the mason jar! Is moonshine suppose to freezs?

  269. made me a batch with 190 everclear damn thats good stuff

  270. Rp would love your recipe prorider6968@mail.com

  271. For this liqueur liquor on apples need purified liquor, preferably double-distilled and apples. Apples are best taken late varieties and home since the early varieties and magazine imported apples are not as flavorful.
    My apples, clear of propped-up seats and wormholes.
    I sleep chunks of apples full capacity. This greatly reduced the fortress poured vodka, liqueur and will be more flavorful and rich in nutrients. Fill the apples brew, screw cap and send it to infuse.

  272. My turned out darker than that in the picture. Is this because I did not boil it long enough.

  273. I do believe that this recipe is better and more useful than E=MC2!

  274. Can someone please post RP’s recipe on here ?
    I would certainly love it emailed to me as well but just think it would be easier to post where all could see . Terry@indpump.com

  275. This cause me to dirty the hind side of my pant. It like grease lightening.

  276. please anyone who will – please help a beginner –
    send me recipies!! rp’s and any others and any flavors(cherry, peach, apple, any and all)

    any help is appreciated – Dave

  277. my email is dafishemt@hotmail.com

  278. I’m wondering how long can it sit after being put into the jars the longer the better? Also would it hurt or help if I put apple slices in the jars.

  279. Hello All, really just discovered this site and am preparing to make some apple pie moonshine. I have read all of the comments but have one question for someone. Does it matter if you use pasteurized cider and juice. All of the containers say to refrigerate after opening. Is the alcohol providing protection of bacteria growing in the cider. Hope this is not a stupid question. Thanks

  280. Once canned, how long is the ap shine good? Does it need refrigerated?

  281. I may be the only one having this problem, but I can’t find cinnamon sticks…only cinnamon hard candies (disks). Can I use these instead of sticks? How many disks would approximately equal one stick?

  282. Would love a copy of your recipes!

  283. RP .. May I have your Apple Pie recipe ?

    Anyone else who has made sucessful batches using 190 proof Everclear .. Please forward those recipes as well .. Thank you

  284. would like apple pie recipe

  285. How long can you store apple pie? I saw on a bottle of cider a expiration date

    • William T, I made a batch in Nov 2011 and just broke out my last jar about a week ago after noticing it in my shed. My neighbors shared jars from the same batch with me back in Jan/Feb of 2012 and thought this last jar was smoother than what we drank in Jan/Feb. I simply stored mine in my shed where it wouldn’t get direct sunlight. I wouldn’t recommend it for every batch, but it definitely had not turned bad just better.

  286. I anyone has some recipes that they would like to share i would love to have them. twilliams557@yahoo.com

  287. Im very interested in the alternative flavors to the recipe. has anyone tried to make the peach, blackberry, and grape varieties? if so i would love that recipe for a year around moonshine drinks.

    Also any additions to the stock applie pie recipe that make great variations i would love to know. thank you

  288. Just made my first batch . Will let you know how it is in a couple of weeks

  289. Does Apple moonshine suppose to freeze?

  290. I would like to give your recipe a try.

  291. Because of the juice and cider, does this need to refrigerated after bottling/canning?

  292. So what proof does this even end up being? With all you add to the everclear it seems to me like it would be 30 proof at best??

  293. Hi RP, I would love to try your apple pie recipe. I have one of my own and would love to compare. I’m always looking to improve! Thanks so much!

  294. Need your recipe RP or anybody esle please sent it to lookingformrsright@live.com

  295. can anybody please send RP’s recipe this way id love to try it thanks arrondillow09@yahoo.com

  296. If we follow the recipe and have REAL Everclear being used, what is the proof of the finalized batch?

    • Jess I think it is right around 9% Alcohol or about 18 Proof. A “Fifth” (750ml) is very close to 24ozs, and 2 gallons is 256 ozs. 24/256 is .093 or around 9% Alc or around 18.5 Proof. But I did these numbers based on 200 proof Everclear or 100% Alc context which doesn’t exist. It’s close to 9 or 18 proof but the real number is a little less. I’m making a batch of 1/2 gal of cider and 1/2 gal juice with a fifth of 190 Everclear. Wish me luck!

  297. PR, If you’re still passing it out, I too would like “the recipe”, thanks buddy, will get back with you and all the others with my comments. HWC

  298. It’s me again, sorry for the incorrect initials, my wife is yelling at me as Im typing this, RP, or anyone else who is willing to share, I would like “the receipe”, thank you kindly, hwclarkejr@gmail.com

  299. R.P. could you please send me your recipe I would like to give it a try

  300. Hey all,

    I am looking for some good recipes. I used 1/2 gallon apple juice, 1/2 gallon apple cider, 1 cup brown and white sugar. 4 cinn sticks. 1 cracked nutmeg. Almost 1 liter 190 proof ever clear. Smells good. Letting it sit now. Will let u know how it tastes. But I see people asking for recipes. Please send me some. Gjl_llc@hotmail.com.


  301. How do u make real moonshine? Where can I get Instructions or recipes on how to make real shine. What do I need



  302. RP could you send me your Apple Pie shine recipe. I would like to give it a try. Hopefully its better from what i have had before.

  303. RP — I too would like your recipe and thanks in advance. my email is cdt9865@yahoo.com

  304. RP and any other contributor to this site I would like to try some other recipes and would be grateful for anyone that would be willing to send me theirs. Thanks in advance!



  305. If anyone has the recipe that RP had would you please send it to me. Thx.




    IF ANYONE HAS THE RECIPE PLEASE SEND IT TO ME !!! brandonm22291@gmail.com

  308. love to try the recipe…please send…thanks..dave.marcantoni@gmail.com

  309. If anyone would share recipes would be greatly appreciated thanks

  310. Has anyone actually added apple wedges? I just threw some in the jars for the first time and was curious as to what may happen in the coming days. Recommendations/Comments?

    • Hi Chad.Where are you from? Curious because My son>Chad..just made a batch.He put apple wedges and a cinnamon stick in each mason jar. I too was on this site to ask about how well the fresh apple wedges might keep and how long? (shelf or refrigerated?)-when I happened upon YOUR post,lol. so,anyone?

  311. I am making a batch using Popcorn Suttons shine. Popcorn lived real close to us up here in East TN and you need to use real corn licker to make the Apple Pie taste right. I cut the recipe in half but use more sugar and cook it to a boil then let it cool outside in the cold. Mix in the real shine and make it as strong as you like. Popcorns legal stuff is cut down to 93 proof so you need to use 8 ounces of shine to make it taste right per large mason jar.

  312. RP could you please send your recipe for Apple Pie to me? Thanks ! Send to
    3ferrets @bex.net .

  313. If anybody has the recipe RP was talking about and could send it to me that’d be great, hunterristamaki@gmail.com … Thanks!

  314. RP COuld you send me a copy of the recipe also Thanks alot

  315. RP, can you send me you recipe for your apple pie shine?

  316. RP, COULD YOU EMAIL THE RECIPE TO dreynolds5@roadrunner.com…thx

  317. RP,could you please send me your recipe to mainreps@yahoo.com

  318. R.P. could I get the apple pie moonshine recipe please? Deerhunter0277@aol.com Thanks

  319. Anyone ever try to make sweet tea? I’ve got my recipe down, trying some new stuff for my ice fishing trip this year and sweet tea was an idea I was thrown. Right now, I’m just going with sweet tea vodka and sweet tea, not really sure how to make it “moonshine,” but it sounds like a good idea…. Any suggestions on other good mixes?

  320. Do you have to keep it refrigerated being it has apple juice in it? Also do you suppose to strain it while putting in jars? Mine turned out real cloudy looking, kinda like the apple cider looks. Please help.

  321. Would love to have a copy of the recipe

  322. moonshiner's grandaughter

    RP I would love a copy of that apple pie shine recipe and any others ya got as well. email = cospence@sbcglobal.net

  323. […] We know you want the high-powered stuff though, so here’s what you’ll need for the shine. Courtesy of Moonshine Heritage. […]

  324. Doing it all wrong!! Adding gallon of apple juice and apple cider just dilutes the proof of the moonshine!! You can just buy favor vodka a drink it and would be the same.

    750 favorite moonshine
    1 can apple juice concentrate !
    1/4 brown sugar
    1 cin stick

    Add the concentrate, sugar and cin stick on low for 20 mins. Set aside and let cool then add moonshine. Mix together, drop cin stick back in moonshine bottle and then pour back liquor. Ready to drink but better in couple days!!

  325. So i just made my first batch. I had to cut it in half for starters, and it still made 9 pints. Using 2 Qrts. both pasturized juice and cider, 1C. dark brown suger and 1/2C. white, 2TBSP vanilla and 5 cinn sticks. Bring to a hard boil juices and sticks then reduce heat, add sugars and stir. Simmer for 10 minutes and cool in cold water bath. Add 1/2L EverClear 191 ( you can now purchase in NY ). 1st jar was filtered thru a coffee filter and took forever. Remaining 8 i strained thru fine mesh strainer adding 5 used and 3 new cinn sticks to jars before wrenching lids on jars. Now to keep them downstairs in the cool darkness. I have ideas for pumpkin, cherry and others and will report in the near future of what i find. Oh, and my end result is not clear. Its a nice dark brown, and tastes like apple pie with a nice 191 warmth in my throat. I should also mention, i dont drink AT ALL, but this stuff is gooooooood.

  326. Made a batch yesterday.
    7SOml of 180 proof sweet feed moonshine in 1/2 gallon mason.
    2 cans apple juice concentrate
    8 cin. sticks
    4 cloves
    tsp. ginger powder
    reduce by half
    add to mason when warm, don’t strain.
    Top up to 1500 ml with cold water.
    1500 ml of 90 proof tastiness.
    Let age as long as you can stand it. Sip slowly!
    you can always add soda water, light beer, ginger ale, etc etc

  327. Nailed Peach Pie last night.
    2 cans Peaches in Heavy Syrup ( 29oz each )
    1 Ocean Spray Wht Cran/Peach Juice ( 64oz )
    1 Poland Spring Bottle ( 16.9oz )
    1 Cinn Stick
    2 Tbsp vanilla
    1 Cup white sugar
    1 Cup dark brown sugar
    1/2 Liter EverClear 190

    yields 8 1/2 pints.

    Bring to boil Ocean Spray juice, cinn stick and vanilla. While waiting puree peaches with syrup. Add Poland Spring to aid with puree. I used a hand wand blender and a half gallon container. Add puree to juice and return to boil, reduce heat. Add sugar slowly and keep stirring to keep sugar from sticking to bottom and burning. Simmer 10 minutes. The mixture will turn brown while cooking. I would imagine if you want an oranger product use all white sugar. I wanted an end result that tasted of a home made Peach Cobbler with the crystalized sugar topping so i used the dark brown sugar. Simmer 10 minutes, then strain. I used a fine mesh strainer and cheese cloth forcing most of the material thru. When at room temp add the EverClear and bottle it up. Product is not transparent as the Peach puree allows tiny bits of peach left in the mixture. Tastes like a home made Peach Cobbler.

    • What is 1 Poland Spring Bottle?

    • After straining your shine thru the fine mesh and cheesecloth do a second straining thru a coffee filter it will help clarify the liquid if you want a “clearer” end result.

    • I ran across this site last night and have been reading till my eyes hurt. Then as if a prayer was answered …. PEACH shine!!!. Would you be kind enough to copy that recipe to me. It looks and sounds like you have found a wonderful combo …. one question, would any water do?
      Dunka dave

  328. I made 3 batches so far. The first was cloudy but real good. The next 2 batches were a clear amber color and real good. The question is what is the right look?

  329. I would love a Sweet tea moonshine recipe please send to singlesister28@yahoo.com!! Thanks! Cant wait to try the apple pie moon shine!

  330. Rp , would love your apple pie recipe. I’d welcome other recipes as well. I’m a noob at the moonshine thing but I love drinkin it. I’ve been purchasing it from a friend but plan on building my own still. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Steelmonkey806@gmail.com
    Thank you all

  331. RP Id like your recipe also…

  332. I saw on moonshiners tonight the apple cinnamon moonshine, made with apples, cinnamon sticks and apple juice. Anyone have this recipe?

  333. RP can i get that recipe dude thanks. ljbiloz@yahoo.com

  334. Few years ago my friend turned me onto “Apple Pie Moonshine” Since then I’ve made several batches using a very similar recipe as originally posted.
    Everyone that tries it loves it “Tastes exactly like apple pie!” I don’t over-do it on the 190 proof Everclear and people always accuse me of making a “weak batch” because its so yummy and you cant taste any alcohol – until it creeps up on them after a glass or two and they wonder how they got so silly all of a sudden.

    1 Gallon Apple Juice
    1 Gallon Apple Cider
    1 Jar of cinnamon sticks (about 8 small sticks – the kind that are rolled in 1/4-1/2 inch diameter & 3 inches long)
    Put in large pot, bring to a boil then lower heat and let simmer for 2 hours or so without a lid (reduction). Stir often so cinnamon “dust” and sticks dont stick to the side or bottom. You will be left with about 1.5 Gallons. Put a lid on and let it sit overnight to cool. Once cool add in 750-1000ML of 190 proof everclear then strain as desired and re-fill your original juice/cider containers and put in fridge for a few days before drinking.

    I’ve been told that the longer it sits, the smoother it gets, but with this recipe I couldnt tell the difference between a batch that sat 48 hours and a batch that has sat for 2 months.

    I have never used sugar, honey or anything else when I’ve made it, nor does anyone else I know, so I cant comment on what that would or would not do. Everyone loves it the way it is.

    When letting it simmer… LEAVE LID OFF or it wont reduce. (obvious to those who cook) First 2 batches I made I simmered w/ lid on and while it tasted OK, the everclear taste was definitely present even after sitting for 2 months. Reducing the cider/juice definitely yields a much better tasting beverage.

    When serving to newcomers the green apple slice in the glass is a nice touch.

    Hope yall enjoy

  335. RP, would love your recipe. Any one else with a good recipe and willding to share I would appreciate that.



  336. Looking for Don Woods Apple Cinnamon Moonshine recipe he made on the show Moonshiners. Or something very similar. Anyone know it can you please email me? My email is Drummer016@hotmail.com

    Here is an apple pie moonshine recipe I use. Turns out pretty good.

    1 gallon of apple juice
    1 gallon of apple cider
    1 1/2 cups of white sugar
    2 1/2 cups brown sugar
    8 cinnamon sticks
    1 liter of shine

  337. RP
    I would like to get a copy of your recipe if you don’t mind

  338. I cannot read any text on your home page of your website. Maybe try WHITE for a text color.

  339. Does it really matter if I use 190 or 151 proof?

  340. RP- would love to try your recipe as well- please forward along.
    Thank you!

  341. RP- I would like a copy of your recipe I’ve tried it one time and it was dam good

  342. Like to try it.
    Thank you

  343. RP would love to try yours. I just made mine and its awesome. I used 1 3/4 liters …..like the buzz of 190

  344. Would love to try it, would be a great place for me to start, have had the store bought,midnight moon and old smokey. I am mostly a beer drinker but have found a taste for shine, If you could send it great…Thank you and will let you know what i think!

  345. Would love to try it, would be a great place for me to start, have had the store bought,midnight moon and old smokey. I am mostly a beer drinker but have found a taste for shine, If you could send it great…Thank you and will let you know what i think! forgot my Email mind_bender_1970@yahoo.com,,,thanks

  346. RIGHT-ON brother, I like to trade recipes with people, so if you send me your pie and anything else you got thats cool i’ll send you some schnapps and kahlua ones!!!!!!!

  347. Hey rp would greatly ppreciate your recipe!! And any one elses for that matter.camcmch@aol.com. happy drinking

  348. My email is camcmch@aol.com. thanks again

  349. I am just starting to make my first apple pie batch and am looking for more recipes. I would appreciate it if I can get some recipes from anyone one here to try out. Please send to jsjo128@yahoo.com Thanks

  350. RP could you please send me that recipe. Highly appreciated.

  351. Does anyone know what proof the final product of this is?

  352. Hey would love to try the RP recipe if anyone can share it with me would really appreciate it


  353. RP can I also get a copy of your recipe or if someone has it send me a copy. We had apple pie and caramel apple shine at Bristol last year and loved it. If some one has a caramel apple recipe I would like that also. Thanks in advance.

  354. I would love to have caramel apple shine recipe! Also, if any one has one for coconut pineapple shine, that would be awesome too!!! Thanks!

  355. Please email me your recipie thanks. Abad70ss@yahoo.com

  356. Hey guys, they make some good apple pie shine all around me but it is getting harder to get. If anyone got RP’s recipe please send it to me @ brianfulbright2@gmail.com

  357. i make apple pie shine and alot of these recipes are good but its how you put it together that makes the taste i have been doing this all my life i am a fourth generation shiner if you would like to know how to put the best shine together email me at jlg5637@gmail.com only settle for the best not the rest

  358. if you will send me 1 dollar in a envelope just for the cost of shipping i will send you 200 recipes like this plus i will explain what kind of still to use in the process also i will help you with any technical advice you will need
    5425 bankhead hwy adamsville al 35005


    Two pounds of brown sugar per one gallon of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch. Starting hydrometer reading of about 90. Do not exceed 100. Add 1 to 3 ozs of yeast per 10 gallons of mash.

    Heat one fourth of your water to 120 or 130 degrees only hot enough to melt the sugar, then stir in your sugar and then the honey last. Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees. Take a hydrometer reading and adjust as needed. The add your yeast. 6 to 14 days to ferment.


    One quart of corn syrup per 1 1/2 gallons of water and one cup of honey for every ten gallon batch. Starting hydrometer reading of about 60 or 65. Do not exceed 70. Add 1 to 3 oz’s of yeast per 10 gallons of mash.
    Heat one fourth of your water to 120 or 130 degrees only hot enough to melt the corn syrup, then stir in your syrup and then the honey last. Pour it into your fermenter and finish filling with cool water to cool it down to 80 degrees. Take a hydrometer reading and adjust as needed. The add your yeast. 6 to 14 days to ferment.

    Stonewalls Agave
    One 23.5 oz bottle of agave nectar (from the sugar isle at Walmart), to every 3 quarts of water. One 4 oz packet of Turbo yeast for every ten gallon mix. Ferments for 7 to 14 days and distill.

    Stonewalls Honey Shine
    One quart of honey per 1 1/2 gallons of water. One 4 oz Package of Turbo yeast per 10 gallons of mash. Ferments for 7 to 14 days and then distill.

    10 lbs. Whole kernel corn, untreated
    5 Gallons Water
    1 Cup Yeast, champagne yeast starter

    Put corn in a burlap bag and wet with warm water. Place bag in a warm dark
    place and keep moist for about ten days. When the sprouts are about a 1/4″ long
    the corn is ready for the next step. Wash the corn in a tub of water, rubbing
    the sprouts and roots off.. Throw the sprouts and roots away and transfer the
    corn into your primary fermenter. With a pole or another hard object mash the
    corn, make sure all kernels are cracked. Next add 5 gallons of boiling water
    and when the mash cools add yeast. Seal fermenter and vent with a water sealed
    vent. Fermentation will take 7-10 days. When fermentation is done, pour into
    still filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.


    7 Lbs. Rye
    2 Lbs. Barley
    1 Lbs. Malt
    6 gallons of water
    1 oz Yeast

    Heat water to 70 degrees and then mix in malt and grain. While stirring the
    mixture slowly heat to 160 degrees (raise temperature 5 degrees every 2
    minutes). Keep mixture at 160 degrees stirring constantly for 2-3 hours to
    convert starch into fermentable sugar and dextrin. Filter off liquid and place
    into fermentation device and allow to cool to 70- 80 degrees. Immediately pitch
    with 3 grams of yeast. To avoid secondary fermentation and contamination add 1
    gram of ammonium-fluoride. Stir liquid for 1 minute then cover and seal with a
    airlock.Mash will take 5-7 days to ferment. After fermentation is complete pour
    into, still filtering through a pillow case to remove all solids.


    1 1/4 large watermelon
    10 peaches
    1 1/4 cup chopped golden raisins
    15 limes (juice only)
    25 cups sugar
    water to make 5 gallon
    wine or distillers yeast

    Extract the juice from watermelon and peaches, saving pulp. Boil pulp in five quarts of water for 1/2 hour then strain and add water to extracted juice. Allow to cool to lukewarm then add water to make five gallons total and all other ingredients except yeast to primary fermentation vessel. Cover well with cloth and add yeast after 24 hours. Stir daily for 1 week and strain off raisins. Fit fermentation trap, and set aside for 4 weeks.


    The ingredients are malt, sugar, yeast and rain water. You can buy the malt from any big supermarket, if they don’t have it they will order it for you. The brand names for the malt and yeast I always used was Blue Ribbon, and Red Top. The malt is a liquid and comes in a can, the yeast comes in cakes.

    To every can of malt you will add 5 gallons of warm water, dissolve 5 pounds of sugar and add 1 cake of yeast. Mix all this together in a barrel made of plastic, stainless steel, or copper, under no circumstances use aluminum. Keep it covered with cheese cloth to keep the bugs out. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments. Then you can cook it off in your still and you have the smoothest whiskey you have ever tasted.

    After you run off the whiskey, it is clear like water. You can color it by taking a piece of dry fruit wood (or maple), burn the fruit wood over a flame till it is blackened real good, then drop the burned fruit-wood in your clear whiskey. In a few days the whiskey will be the color of store bought whiskey.

    I hope you find this recipe to be to your satisfaction.

    JD’s Black Label Recipe
    It consists of 80% corn, 12% rye, 8% malt (a high enzyme 6-row variety will be needed). Steep your ingredients in 140 to 150 degree water for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Wait until it has cooled to 68 degrees before adding your yeast. After fermentation, it is distilled once in a pot still with a thumper, then filtered through a 10 foot layer of maple charcoal (this takes about 4 days). It then is placed in new, charred American oak barrels where it ages for 5 years, 6 months before it is bottled. But instead of aging in oak barrels, you can fish out a piece of half burned white oak from the fire place, crush it up and place this in the container with your product. Shake it up once a day for about 3 months and then filter it through a coffee filter for a beautiful amber color. Cut it back to 80 or 90 proof for a smooth taste.

    The premium brand called Gentlemen J is aged in the same way, with the same grain bill, but it is filtered through maple charcoal again after aging.

    Sweetened with a dash of REAL maple syrup (the kind that has a slight smokey flavor)- this will taste JUST like the store bought spirit- but will be a LOT sm