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Carolina ShineFest 2011

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The third annual Carolina ShineFest was held July 30-31 in Madison, NC over the course of a very hot weekend. The event, organized by the Southern Culture Society, attracted about 30,000 people.

ShineFest featured muscle cars, bands, vendors, “moonshine” samples, and a distillery tour. There was also an appearance by moonshining legend Junior Johnson (who also apparently had something to do with NASCAR.)

NASCAR and moonshine go hand in hand. Many people don’t realize that the sport of NASCAR grew out of the moonshine industry. In the 30’s, bootleggers started modifying their cars in order to outrun the police. They developed advanced driving skills and created maneuvers to elude the authorities. One famous maneuver was the bootleggers turn, where the driver would spin his car around during a chase and drive straight at the police. When bootleggers weren’t running shine, the drivers would get together and race each other on dirt tracks, to test their driving skills. The sport of NASCAR grew out of this past time. Junior Johnson was one of these early pioneers of NASCAR – a moonshiner and a race car driver.  The first NASCAR track was built in his home town of Wilkesboro, North Carolina (which is known as the moonshine capital of the world – not to be confused with the other moonshine capital of the world, Franklin County, Virginia.)

During ShineFest, moonshine samples were handed out by Piedmont Distillers, a local distillery founded in 2005. A few years ago they partnered with Junior Johnson to create Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon, the only legal “moonshine” made in North Carolina. Midnight Moon is actually the Johnson family moonshine recipe.

The Carolina ShineFest is one of a number of festivals around the south that celebrates the history and culture of moonshine. Check out the photos from the event below. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year, you should check it out next year. It’s a pretty big deal.


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  1. the best time we ever had. It is small town usa at its very best we will be back next year without a doubt.

  2. What date is it set for in 2012?

  3. i would also like to know when next yrs date is so i can make it a point to come

  4. Have you planned a Shinefest event for 2013? If so, pls give me time, date and place. Thanks.

  5. if you plan a shinefest event for 2013 please e-mail me a date,time& place thank you

  6. if you are having a shinefest for 2013 could you please e-mail me date, time, and place for the event and also if Junior Johnson is going to make an appearance. THANK YOU!

  7. will there be a shinefest for 2013?

  8. I would really love to know when the 2014 fest will be and ware. Looks like a hoot of a time and can’t what to go. Thanks your friend Illisee wright

  9. love the midnight shine hope they get something going for 2014 need to keep the heritage alive

  10. Hello,

    I attended the first two shine fests and I was disappointed when 2012 was cancelled. Have there been any since 2011 and will there be any in the future? I’m really looking forward to there being another one.

    Keith Vest

  11. Would like to know dates carolina shinefest 2016 thanks

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