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Moonshine Heritage One Year Anniversary

20 January 2012

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Moonshine Heritage Website Traffic

Today marks the one year anniversary of Moonshine Heritage. One year ago today I bought the domain MoonshineHeritage.com and published my first post (which had been written a few weeks before.)

In one year’s time site traffic has grown from just a couple of visitors a day to well over 2,000 visitors a day! In that time period the site has seen 134,252 unique visitors! Check out the graph above to see the web stats.

I want to thank each and every visitor to the site. I’m blown away by how many people are interested in what I’ve written here. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Hi: I am looking for some information on the bootleggers in the north carolina mountains. My great grandfather (Rupard) was evidently legendary and even operated gov. stills after prohibition (or during???) There are several entertaining stories about him, but I’d love to find something in history books, or so. Could you point me to someone or another organization for info?


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