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The Bassett Historical Center

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The Bassett Historical Center is a storehouse of genealogical research and local history for Henry and Patrick County, Virginia. Besides housing genealogical data and historical books, the center is home to many historical exhibits of donated items. One of these items is an actual copper moonshine still.

The moonshine still was seized in Franklin County, Virginia on February 28, 1970. ABC investigators raided the still site and arrested Claude Edgar Booth, Edgar Lee Booth, and Hansel Eugene Turner. The still was located about 600 yards from the Booth home in an opened woodland.

The copper moonshine still, said to be over 100 years old, was made by George Washington Brammer for George Booth. Brammer, also known as Red Head Brammer, lived in the Poplar Camp section of Patrick County, Virginia. Brammer was know as a skilled craftsman, especially when it came to copper moonshine still construction.

The small turnip style still looks to be about ten gallons capacity.

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  2. [...] was much too valuable to just leave sitting in the woods. Many of the earlier copper stills were used for decades, passed on from generation to generation. And if the revenuers found a still in the woods, the law [...]

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