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Video: Hamper McBee – Raw Mash (1978)

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Here’s a trailer for a great video about moonshine in Tennessee (to watch the entire 30 minute film click the “Full Movie” link.)

This 1978 film follows Hamper McBee, a ballad singer and moonshiner that lived on the Cumberland Plateau in Monteagle, Tennessee. There’s some great footage of him building a round sheet metal still, somewhat similar in construction to the submarine stills of Virginia. The still he builds is sometimes called a groundhog still. It’s round and has a wooden top and bottom (as opposed to the submarine still which is oval and has wooden sides.) The still sits on the ground and the furnace is built up around the metal sides.

Hamper McBee - Raw Mash Video

Full Movie


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  1. […] nails. Submarine stills, like this one found in Virginia, have wooden sides. Groundhog stills, like the one in this video, have a wooden top and […]

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